july … where did you go?

here i sit, looking at all the things i have yet to do this month and seriously wondering WHERE did this month go? this month has been packed with all kinds of good things. fun and exciting things. some not so fun things. once again i look at a month gone by and know in my gut i am blessed.

july around the homefront: july 4th cupcakes. red angel pizza. low key holiday with family {my fav kind of holiday}. help sis with wedding programs. 2 weeks of working full time. meltdowns. maggie sick. 3 vet visits. pretty fingernails. pretty toenails. spray tans {YIKES!}. my niece, candi’s, beautiful wedding weekend.  new mercies every morning. wonderful relaxing dinners out. playing catch up. online photography helps. fun scrapping projects. photo editing. fabulous senior shoot. a dirty house.

that’s where i am now. amidst the dirty house. yeah, it’s bugging me. i tend to feel out of control when my surroundings are out of control. i’ve come a Loooooong way with that whole thing … but yeah, it bugs me. i wish i could put it in our budget for a maid. i can’t justify a maid. and truth be told, i’d most likely clean the house FOR the maid, so really what’s the use? 🙂

leaving the dirty house behind, i’m leaving on monday for CHA {for you non-scrappers, the Craft and Hobby Assoc. Show} in chicago. ed is going with me. well, he’s driving me, and eating dinners with me and my scrappy friends, and sharing the hotel room with me, but he’s staying clear of the show floor.

check out the new Shimmerz colors coming out at CHA!! our booth is # 839. what can i say? i love color … i love creating with these paints and sprays! can’t wait to get my hands on these new shades!

The two new Shimmerz Vibez colors are Fiery Fiesta (shown left) and Pop Art Pink (shown right). Fiery Fiesta is a beautiful light colored orange and Pop Art Pink is this great cotton candy pink with a HUGE gold shimmer to it. The 3 beautiful new Pearlz colors are (from top to bottom) Blue By You, Peas-B-Mine and Luscious Lilac. They are available  for purchase on the Shimmerz website on Tuesday, July 27th.
i’ll be working in the Punky Sprouts booth at CHA this year. booth # 2039! i’ll also be helping suzy with her punky class on tuesday night. FUN!!! i’ve got to say that i’m over the top excited!  i’m serious when i say if you’re at CHA, please stop by the booth and say hi!
here’s one of my projects i did that’ll be showcased in the booth. the new “junk in my punk”
i have every intention of posting a blog entry {or 2} while i’m at CHA … mr. nikon is going with me of course … let’s hope the hotel internet cooperates.

july … almost over … blessed … indeed! 



5 responses to “july … where did you go?

  1. This is such a great mini Carrie! I hope I get to see you at CHA!!!

  2. …absolutely stunning…you may hae just inspired to me to FINALLY do the wedding mini I’ve needed to do since June 😉 I need to find and buy and PS book now 😀

  3. your books are amazing carrie!! …oh, and did i tell you that i miss all of you punky girls!


  4. What a month! Your album is gorgeous! Love it! Your niece looks like Gweneth Paltrow (so beautiful)!

    Hope you had fun at CHA!

  5. Your work is always great! I love the details in this mini!

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