i’m feelin’ blessed!

blessed is most definitely how i’m feeling right now. in the past couple months i’ve had amazing new scrapping opportunities come my way. it still blows my mind that about the time i stopped worrying and fretting about my scrappy endeavors, opportunities literally started coming my way out of no where. it humbles me. it excites me. it makes me feel truly blessed.

i’m crazy excited to share this with you …i’ve joined the Shimmerz design team this week! Click on the the Shimmerz Blog image below and it will take you directly to the blog.

Shimmerz Paints are pre-made, water based, made in the USA, paints. right now there are 70 {yes! .. seventy!} paint options available! i’ve been playing and creating with my paints this week and i am most definitely hooked! i absolutely love the texture and added “ooomph” they add to my pages. i can’t wait to share some of those projects in the near future.

for now i’ll share some of my other layouts i’ve done recently. i’m finding creating pages about the special people in my life comes easy for me these days. i’m not sure where the mojo came from, but i’m going with it … and having a sweet time doing it.

other than scrappy news … i’m lovin’ having dave home from college for the summer. he inspires and helps me grow in ways he probably doesn’t even realize. love him! we’re starting our vacation this weekend. going with my sisters, their families and my mom and dad. so looking forward to that sweet sweet time together.

yes, i’m blessed. life isn’t perfect, there is “stuff” going on around me that is out of my control. but in the midst of all the “stuff” and all the imperfections of life .. i am blessed. indeed!

~until next time … carrie ~ 🙂


12 responses to “i’m feelin’ blessed!

  1. Fabulous work Carrie! Always a joy to see what you are working on!

  2. Congrats Carrie! You being a part of Shimmerz is so well deserved!!!

  3. You are so talented! I’m glad the world is taking note.

  4. WELCOME Carrie! We are crazy excited to have you join us.

  5. Yay!! I’m so glad you’re joining the Shimmerz team, Carrie! Welcome! These pages are beautiful!

  6. I so love seeing your work, carrie! and big congrats on all the great stuff that’s been coming your way – you so deserve it! i’m sure that’s such a gift having dave home… enjoy your time (i know you will!) 🙂

  7. YAY Carrie!! SO excited you’re a part of our team!

    Beautiful work my friend!! I love seeing your creations!

  8. WOW Carrie you have been one busy scrapper – these are all wonderful!

  9. So glad you are getting all the recognition Carrie! you so deserve it! I love your style and just luv ya girl! Huge congrats on everything! xoxoxox

  10. Congrats again Carrie!but you do wonderful art! so it is well deseverd for sure!

  11. Love your layouts, Carrie!

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