halfway through may

holy wow … is it really may 15 already? the past 10 days have flown by.

so let’s see …. in the past 10 days much has taken place. my sister and brother in law were out of the country, so i helped care for my niece, gracie. i took her to and from school. {i haven’t done the whole taking kids to school thing since before dave had his drivers license. that was a LONG time ago.} gracie and i did fun things too. we had a 2 hour photo shoot at the park. i’ll post some of those pictures in the next few days. we shopped at goodwill together. she got her skinny jeans for $2.50. i got 8 new summer shirts for $28. we ate together at dunkin donuts, 800 degrees pizza, red robin and culvers. i’m glad she’s in my life. i’m happy to be a cheerleader in her corner.

a week ago today we moved dave home from college for the summer. we ended up taking the shop’s big GInormous white box truck. yeah, total over kill. it was rainy that day … if we didn’t take the box truck the dorm room little blue couch would have gotten wet. dang, we seriously could have packed the whole dorm in that truck. it was a tad bit embarrassing rollin’ up to the back of the dorm in that thing. but move him home we did.

scrapping has been a huge part of the last 10 days. i’m working on some pretty exciting new things. some of those things are things i can’t share YET … but soon. i’ll be sharing my next bobunny guest designer projects at the beginning of next week, along with some of my layouts from the challenge blogs i design for.

i’ve been spending more time journaling, praying, and reading my Bible these last 10 days. i seek God’s leading. i learned a long time ago i desperately NEED His leading .. and to depend on myself for being in the lead just does not work at all. at all!

~ until next time … carrie 🙂 ~



2 responses to “halfway through may

  1. Carrie – it sounds like you’ve had some very HAPPY days recently…I can’t wait to see your new projects…I’ve been working on some stuff too and I can’t wait to share but have too 😉

  2. Love you.

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