fun stuff! not so fun stuff.

the fun stuff:

as i type this i’m sitting in a hotel in chicago. why you ask? tomorrow morning i eat a big power breakfast and then head to a 2 day Nikon School here in the hotel convention room. SO excited to learn all that these Nikon experts have to teach me about my Mr. Nikon D80. ed is here with me. i’m not sure what he’ll be doing. in fact, i think he’s getting sick so he might just be veggin’ here in the room. hopefully we’ll fit in a nice dinner at a nearby amazing restaurant.

other fun stuff: i got a new short and sassy hair cut.

and MORE fun stuff: i grabbed my niece kris and my new nephew in law for some pics on Easter. love these 2 “kids”. 🙂

and MORE fun stuff!!! i got a call today from the fun and talented Suzy West. she called me to let me know i made the Punky Sprouts design team. what is “Punky Sprouts” you ask? it is a company that manufactures mixed media albums. i have the privilege of creating with these albums. wow! i’m STILL on cloud nine and grinning from ear to ear. what an absolute honor! check out these fun and unique albums.

Seedling Series

check out the Punky Sprouts Gallery to see what Suzy and a couple other gals did with the albums:

MORE fun stuff: i got 2 happy emails from scrapbook trends magazine this week. they asked for 2 of my layouts for their september issue. i made a trip to the post office today. my 2 selected layouts are on their way to utah! thank you scrapbook trends!

okay, so now for the not so fun stuff.  my mom has been in the hospital all week with pneumonia. she’s had a rough, rough week! mom, if you’re reading this, i’m praying for you, i love you.

more not so fun stuff …. my dad is battling cancer. he’s so brave. his faith is strong. he never complains. i have to say i really hate the word cancer. i hate the pain it causes. dad, if you are reading this, i’m praying for you, and i love you!

i’ve been busy working on my client’s vacation album. she went to australia and new zealand. i am vacationing vicariously through her photos. 🙂 i am ever so thankful that she chose me to scrapbook for her. she’s a cancer suvivor. she’s brave and down to earth and “real”. i didn’t know her at all before i started scrapping for her. in the 5 years i’ve known her we have become close. i’ve never met her family but because i scrap their pictures and their memories i feel like i know them. i thank God often for bringing this opportunity to me.

the clock is ticking. i need some rest before i fill my head with all kinds of cool Nikon information tomorrow. 🙂

until next time……xoxo Carrie


4 responses to “fun stuff! not so fun stuff.

  1. Hugs to you and your parents! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

    Have fun at your Nikon class! And congrats again on all your good scrappy news! You are on a roll girl!!!

  2. Thinking about you! Congrats on the DT and I love all the photos.

  3. Wow you have been busy! So sorry to hear about your mom and dad. ((hugs))

  4. Hugs and prayers to you and your parents!

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