biking.and scrappy stuff.

i hopped on this beauty today. my Specialized Dolce bike. i took this picture of my bike last summer when we were on vacation in michigan. it was our 31 mile ride day. we took a water break and i snapped this shot. i love it. i love to ride. i only rode 5 miles this evening, but it was great. one of my favorite things to do as a little girl was to hop on my little red and white sting ray bike and ride like the wind. that’s what i felt like today. i felt like that little 8 year old, shag haircut little girl riding as fast her legs could carry her. and it felt great. i would say this is one of the best parts of spring for me. being able to ride my bike.

i’ve been busy scrapping. i’m working on my client’s australia / new zealand vacation album. i’m thankful for my client. not only do i enjoy the work she gives me to do, but she and i have become friends as well. she has a beautiful positive spirit and she is an enormous inspiration to me. she has a beautiful listening ear. i know God brought she and i together – and how utterly awesome for me to have the opportunity to scrap as a part time job! thankful indeed!

here are a few of my own layouts i’ve done recently. they are all for challenges over at 52 weeks x 52 layouts blog. i love designing for the challenge blog. i love having a weekly challenge.

i don’t normally publicly tell when i try out for a design team, but what’s the harm right? soooo ….. i publicly “put it out there” that i sent in my entry for the Jillibean Soup design team call. i would be over the top crazy excited to be added to their team. i love their product. i had a blast making the pages for my entry. i’ll know by this weekend if i am chosen or not.

the weather is suppose to be nice again tomorrow, so i’ll be riding my bike again. and i’ll be scrapping again. and it’s my favorite tv night. and i can’t lie, i’m desperately hoping to get a good scrappy call or email. 🙂 here’s to tomorrow!

until next time ….. xoxoxo Carrie


7 responses to “biking.and scrappy stuff.

  1. Cindy Koenig

    Hey you! Good to see your blog again , and what a cool one today! memories of riding your bike like the wind — so much fun living and riding bikes in the country!
    fingers are crossed for the design team tryout!! Glad you are enjoying scrapping and it’s so cool you get to know the person you are scrapping for so well now…she sounds like an amazing woman – good inspiration!
    Keep blogging sis 🙂

  2. love this post! love those LO’s! your work always completely amazes me! Best of luck with Jillibean Soup! You would be a fabulous addition to their team!

  3. hey sis! love your pages as always! and love the memories you have of riding that little bike. that is a favorite childhood memory for me….riding our bikes up and down the “side road” for hours and hours. happy little girls enjoying the outdoors and each other….even when we fought! 🙂
    will be waiting to hear your news for the design team!!

  4. hi Carrie, i truly enjoyed this blog entry. i soooo need a good bike ride but just haven’t gotten out there yet. love, love, love these layouts…they are very inspiring.

    jillibean would be crazy NOT to have you on their dt. 😉

    have a creative day,


  5. Mr. this is me

    What a good blog, you are such a good storyteller! Good luck with the call, they’d be lucky to have you… I know I am.

  6. Hey sweetpea! Man, you’re making me miss my bike so much. Tom and I used to go ride 23 miles every Sunday down the Arizona corrals. It was a great workout with the rough terrain! I was in the best shape of my life………maybe it’s time to find something like that again out here. And LOVING your newest layouts my friend! I am your #1 fan – just love your style and well….you! Miss seeing you around the boards but thankfully there is always blogs and facebook right? LOL

  7. so good to see you bck at AMM. I missed seing your awesome work.

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