dave. college. 2nd year.

yesterday was moving back to college day for dave. he’s part of the growth group leadership team at grace this year so he had to get there a few days before freshman welcome weekend.

Grace 09 Dave! 2

7:30 AM {that’s right people, i was up and looking alive at 7:30am….hard to believe right?} we were loaded up and ready to leave the house. see the bundled up burrito looking thingy on the top of my jeep? that is the little blue couch that cindy and bud so graciously gave to dave for his dorm room. i personally think it was a way for cindy to beg bud for a new couch for their room…but that’s just me. 🙂

Grace 09 packin'3

here’s a little walk into dave’s neighborhood. the street he lives on.

Grace 09 street sign for blog

and his dorm. 🙂 see the 2nd floor? see the 3rd window in? that is dave’s window this year.

Grace 09 indiana hall

Grace 09 indiana hall entrance

Grace 09 indiana hall sign

the little blue couch made it safe and sound.

Grace 09 movin' in for blog

i still can’t lift anything over 10 pounds so i wasn’t much help moving things up 2 flights of stairs, so dave let me do one more “mom thing” for him. i put away all his clothes. all nice and tidy and folded and hung and lookin’ all neat like they were here at home. now OKAY! i know it’s not going to stay this way! i had fun doing it for him though. felt needed. and all that jazz.

Grace 09 closet

these vintage mailboxes are so cool. had to grab a photo of dave’s box. hint….he likes gum and coffee beans if youwant to fill his vintage mailbox with something from home. 🙂

Grace 09 mailbox

i miss him. alot. but it’s all good. knowing he is in the place he loves, surrounded by people he loves, doing the things he loves to do, makes all the missing okay for me. not “JUST okay”. it makes it right and GOOD for me. i wouldn’t want it any other way for him. truly.

Grace 09 shirt


12 responses to “dave. college. 2nd year.

  1. thanks for sharing those pictures carrie. dave truly looks happy and it has to make it a little easier (well, maybe EASY isn’t the word….but you know what i mean) for you to know that he is exactly where God wants him and is so in tune to following God’s leading in his life. he is a wonderful christian guy!

  2. did you buy yourself a grace college sweatshirt???

  3. Love your blog – such a big day for college and I *heart* your puppy pics! Cindy (Citrus Tree Studio)

  4. Great photos! The couch on top of your car totally cracks me up though! LOL!

  5. Great photos – seems like time just flies when they start college! I miss the chatting at CMK and all you girls!

  6. Sherry Coogan

    awww… love the pics!

  7. Awesome photos! You look WAY too young to have a son just married and another in college!!

  8. the photos are awesome…congrats on your son’s second year

  9. catchinghappiness

    Cool photos Carrie! I know how you feel girlie… bittersweet at this time in life, isn’t it! Have a wonderful day!
    Amy Tara

  10. LOVE all your photos, Carrie! Thanks for sharing this journey with us. I know it is bittersweet…..but you’ve done good, Girl!

  11. love seeing your pics! I agree..you look so young, Carrie!

  12. Cindy Koenig

    Great pics Carrie! I’m glad the little blue couch made the trip ok . ha! hope it serves him well in his new dorm 🙂
    you DO look so young here too — and you DID a great job raising 2 great sons my dear sis!! and now — onto being mom-in-law , and in time granny Carrie 🙂 You’ll be great!!

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