meet bernie.

this is my in-laws new puppy. bernadine is her name. we call her bernie. and she is photogenic.



it was good to get out and take a relaxing drive to the lake to meet her yesterday.

it was good to pick up my nikon and shoot some pictures. i haven’t done that in at least 3 weeks. i was having major withdrawals. it was good for me. it made me feel like “me” again.

note to self: photography is good for my soul. 🙂


5 responses to “meet bernie.

  1. she’s adorable!! i took some photos yesterday of my cat and i got a close up of her yawning in mid-air…cracks me up!! =) hope you are feeling better!

  2. oh my CUTENESS! this is just too adorable for words.


  3. She is so adorable, Carrie!

    I wanted to email you about something at AMM but wasn’t sure if you got my IM. Can you email me at Thanks! 🙂

  4. Ah – how cute is she?!?!?! Almost makes me want to go get the boys a puppy…. well, OK…. not really 😉

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