quickie update

lately i’ve been so bad about posting on my blog i have my doubts that anyone is holding out hope that i’ll ever post regularly again.

my intentions are to start posting again regularly. for a quickie update, i’m listing the things that have been going on that have kept me away.

1. ER visit. 4 hours later after 3 viles of blood, pain meds and 2 ultrasounds, i was sent home with a diagnosis and told to see my OB doc the next day. 

2. day after ER visit: OB doc appointment. more diagnostic blood work. another ultrasound. 45 minute consultation with doc. pre-op blood work. pre-op EKG.

3. aug. 10 surgery. hysterectomy. followed by swearing something or someone hijacked me and everything that made me “me”. holy crap i never thought i would BEG for hormones to race through my veins again, but beg for them back i have. removing all traces of hormones has not been fun. i won’t go into detail. for being a private person i’ve shared too much already. 🙂

4. recovery filled with confusion and pain, but mostly filled with my family loving me and being here for me. i gotta give a shout out to my mom and my husband. i can’t imagine the last 11 days without either of them. i’m 47 and i am here to say i still need and want my mom. and a shout out to my son and dad and sister and brother in law for just being here and loving me through this little journey.

5. finding out the amazing online scrappy website that i design for {CMK} is closing at the end of the month. i’ve met so many wonderful ladies there and have been inspired in so many ways by them. i’m so sad to say good-bye to such a big part of my daily life that CMK was.

6. because CMK is closing and i want to stay connected with all my scrappy friends who live all over the USA and beyond, i joined facebook. because i’ve had to take frequent “recovering from surgery” breaks in my days, i’ve spent alot of time inviting friends to my list, and posting fun things to my friends and family.

7. helping dave pack and get ready to go back to college. we take him back this next tuesday. it’s all good. he’s excited and i’m excited for him.

8. the day i got home from the hospital i got 4 fun emails from Scrapbook Trends magazine. they are publishing 3 things in a specialty idea book called Quick and Easy Idea book, and also another 1 in their january issue. totally made me day for sure.

9. a couple days before going to the hospital i did this layout to keep my mind busy and off the upcoming surgery.

together forever layout

so that’s it. that’s what i’ve been up to.

i’ll be back soon.

i promise. 🙂


4 responses to “quickie update

  1. I still follow your blog, Carrie. Take all the time you need to recover from this whirlwind of excitement and from your surgery. I see you’ve really been hitting the facebook!!!! I check it every so often, but I haven’t been hooked by it yet…

  2. Carrie, i peek in on you from time to time. so glad everything went well with your surgery and i hope you can get back to being “you” very soon.

    hope you are having a wonderful weekend,


  3. I hope your recovery is going well, carrie… i’ve been thinking about you! So sad that our site is closing, but i’m so glad you joined AMM, and i’m happy I can keep up with you there!

  4. Renee' Morris-Dezember

    WOW – sounds like you’ve been busy…hope your recovery continues to go well – you will enjoy facebook 🙂

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