my {casual} wedding snapshots.

i’m happy with some of the shots i got. some others i’m “eeehhh” about. but remember i wasn’t even suppose to have my nikon with me. and remember i stuck it on auto mode and used the “eh” built in flash and just shot a few here and there. i won’t win any awards for amazing snapshots, and i didn’t take the cool creative shots i would have taken….but i digress; we discussed that in the last post. 🙂

{first off: the rehearsal dinner}

{personalized mini hersey bars and a peacock feather at everyone’s seat. bars from}







{they loved practicing getting married. hee-hee! check out the white sashes in the background. my friend beth designs and decorates the church decor {among countless other creative things she does at the church}. i can’t wait to see the professional photos of the ceremony with those in the background! thanks for your expertise beth}


{bridesmaids: best friends from high school maria and jen, katelyn and her maid of honor/little sister kelsey}


{best man – aka dave – aka little brother to the groom – aka special music for the wedding}

{next: bits of the wedding day}

{the programs: a joint effort made by myself, my sis cindy, kate’s mom, and lori, our wedding coordinator}



DSC_0004 for blog

{this was about the extent of the boys getting ready. 10 minutes and they were done. and yes, they are in the church nursery and yes, that is a picture of a cow on the wall. cracked us up!}

DSC_0033 for blog

{you guessed it – the inspiration for the wedding colors was the peacock feather. one of dan and kate’s first dates was at the zoo here in town. one of their favorite things at the zoo are the peacocks}

DSC_0030 for blog

DSC_0032 for blog

{sisters. seriously aren’t they gorgeous? dan gained a little sister. she’s a sweetheart and so much fun!}

DSC_0024 edit for blog

{beautiful indeed. sorry for the shadowy glare on jen’s face. there was a mirror nearby that picked up a funky glare. didn’t take away from her beauty that’s for sure.}

DSC_0062 for blog

{me and dave. best man and momma of the groom. i’m really cheesin’ it here. this is me at my happiest}

DSC_0072 for blog

{my mom. myself. my sis cindy. my sis julie. we’re related dontcha think? i love us!}

DSC_0085 for blog

{my sis cindy and myself. 2 empty nesters learning the ropes together. i hope our husbands survive it}

DSC_0104 for blog

{mr. and mrs. dan ferrier. i didn’t lose a son. i gained an amazing daughter in law}

DSC_0109 for blog

{totally classy cake top dontcha think? good choice kate!}

DSC_0110 for blog

{table favors were heart shaped scoops that you took up to the coffee bean bar and filled up a bag. umm…yeah, guess who danced the night away and didn’t get a picture of the adorable heart scoop? that’d be me! ‘im bettin the photographer covered me on that one}

DSC_0114 for blog b&w

{yes! they really are this happy!}

DSC_0141 for blog

{kate inviting everybody to dance. she loves a party. she loves people. she loves celebrating. yes, she really is this happy!}

DSC_0142 for blog

the amateur photographer in me cringes at the clarity on some of the shots. i find myself cringing about thinking of all the different shots i wish i would have gotten. i’ve caught myself thinking of why i didn’t shoot this or that shot and why on earth did i dump it on auto mode? a part of me feels like i need to apologize to myself for not going above and beyond getting THE perfect shots……. but again, i digress and i gotta let that go.

i just keep thinking how excited i’ll be when the real photos arrive from the photographer! she is top notch! so pumped to see her work. if i sound a little down about my own shots, i am. the fact that i know i am capable of better grinds at me but again, i digress. let it go carr. 

let. it. go. {yes i do quite a bit of self talking these days for some reason. works for me.}

thanks for poppin’ in and taking a look. it really was a gorgeous amazing day. i’ll keep updating my blog with more wedding shots as i get them from family members and of course the photographer. {who happens to be my friend beth’s daughter. amazing creativity runs in her family}


11 responses to “my {casual} wedding snapshots.

  1. These are so wonderful! Don’t be so hard on yourself. 😉 The memories you captured are going to be what you remember down the road. You looked beautiful! Can’t wait to see more. 😉

  2. Not a thing wrong with those shots, Carrie! They are wonderful memories no matter what the lighting or positioning or any other detail! So glad it was such a beautiful day for your whole family!

  3. Gorgeous!! I absolutely love their wedding colors. Everything looks so classy and elegant!

  4. The picture’s are great, and the wedding looked beautiful. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

  5. What fun to see some of your snapshots! It really was an amazing wedding and I am so happy for them – and for our whole family as Katelyn joins us as another “Perl girl”!!

  6. I felt the same way at my sisters wedding and even at my own! You still have some awesome photos and no photo can take away your memories of this day!

  7. Quit beating yourself up you did an awesome job with the photography! Beautiful wedding pictures! You can’t enjoy and be the everything at the same time! You’re the Momma – just sit back and enjoy!

  8. i love the peacock feathers! and the favors..that is such a great idea. you look beautiful, carrie! everyone does.

    what are you going to do now with all your free time?

  9. Cindy Koenig

    I love the pictures and Yes! Katelyn and Dan really are this happy! it’s so fun to see them!!
    You did a great job on the pics Carrie – and Ilove the pics of the perl girls!! andus — thanks for thinking to get someone walking by to snap them!!
    have fun looking at these and can’t wait to see the ones the photographer took!
    love you fellow empty nester – its not ALL bad ! We have tons and tons to be thankful for and look forward to!

  10. OK – I cried looking through this blogpost! You are going to be the best mother-in-law Katelyn could ever ask for! Congrats on your newest family addition! {And BTW – You look AMAZING!}

  11. great ‘peeks’ into what looks to have been a fabulous union! love the photo of you, your mom and sisters…YES you can tell you are related, love that! =] can’t wait to see more photos…don’t beat yourself up. like you said, you promised your son you would put that camera down. ;]

    have a creative day,

    amy w.

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