blog hoppin’ !

CMK august layout kit blog hoppin’ that is! its that time again! take a look at what i did with the new kit over at CMK. and make sure you visit the other CMK dt gals blogs (to your right…….). inspiration galore for sure!!

August Blog hop 2

August Blog Hop cu1

seriously now – is it really almost august? AUGUST? can someone tell me where the summer has gone?

OH! i remember now! my summer began with 2 college graduations. followed by 1 of my beautiful nieces getting married and me having the pleasure and honor of taking pictures for the wedding. followed by another 1 of my beautiful nieces graduating with her pharmacy degree. followed by bridal showers and editing photos. followed by preparing for my own son’s wedding. followed by the rehearsal dinner. followed by the wedding. followed by loading up our car with luggage and another 1 of my beautiful nieces the day after the wedding and going on vacation to michigan.

speaking of my son’s wedding. that’s where i’ve been the past few weeks. i know i’ve neglected my blog. i found out keeping up with daily routines such as laundry, blogging, cooking and any kind of cleaning of ones house doesn’t mix well with being the mother of the groom. that’s my excuse anyway.

see my new header? the peacock feather? that’s a little sneak peek of the wedding decor and colors. can i say beautiful? can i say elegant and classy? that’s how i describe dan and kates wedding day. july 18. 2009. it was a fantastic day. stay tuned for more details and a few snapshots from the day……………in the meantime keep thinking beautiful. elegant. classy and fantastic.


11 responses to “blog hoppin’ !

  1. gorgeous, Carrie!

  2. Cindy Koenig

    gorgeous layout Carrie – i love the photo of Dan and Katelyn,it’s so real!! and the way you put it all together is beautiful!! And I have to agree with you about the summer –where has it gone?oh’s been a busy one for our whole family – but oh so wonderful!! Love the decor of Dan&Katelyn’s wedding – yes, elegant, beautiful,classic & fantastic! Can’t wait to see the pics!! Love you -welcome back!

  3. I looove this! Fantastic layout carrie!!

  4. kendra storm

    awesome lo~ tfs~ also love the wedding pics i am such a wedding buff~

  5. HIIII so glad you’re BACK! Missed you TONS and tons!!! I love your gorgeous page! It’s so bright and beautiful!!!!!!

  6. You always invoke YOUR style in your pages from the little details to the great title work. I adore everything you do and this is no exception

  7. Carrie I love your style! I love each attention to the details and your over all design as well! I think I’ve got so many of your layouts in a folder!! LOL. Great work girl!

  8. I love the new layout! I also love the pictures from Kris’s wedding. I can’t wait to see more and to see some from Dan and Katelyn’s big day 🙂

  9. Love your layout! And I agree 100% with your decription of Dan and Kate’s wedding! Very elegant and beautiful! And might I add…fun!

  10. Hey girl! love your LO!

    Glad to hear you are surviving the summer and all the wedding plans! I can not wait to see photos of their wedding! It is just going to be the most beautiful thing ever!!!

  11. Love your work Carrie!! Gorgeous designs, and the title on this one is totally adorable!

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