Krissy and Jeff’s Wedding. Enjoy the Mega pics!

I’ll be short on words and heavy on pictures in today’s post. i’ll just let you scroll through the beautiful day of krissy and jeff’s wedding. these 2 kids are seriously beautiful in every way! (as the aunt i can officially still call krissy a “kid” :)) i have no doubt in my mind that God brought these 2 kids together. i love you krissy! i love you jeff !

So here you go friends……enjoy the 32 pictures of the day. (32 out of the hundreds taken! :))

for blog first

for blog 1

#27 for blog

for blog 2

for blog 3

#28 for blog

for blog 4

#1 for blog

#2 for blog

#3 for blog

#4 for blog

#5 for blog

#6 for blog

#7 for blog

#8 for blog

#9 for blog

#10 for blog

#11 for blog

#12 for blog

#13 for blog

#14 for blog

#15 for blog

#16 for blog

#17 for blog

#20 for blog

#21 for blog

#18 for blog


#19 for blog

#22 for blog

#23 for blog

#24 for blog

#25 for blog

what a fun, happy day of celebration! here’s to you mr. and mrs. gerber! aunt car loves ya!


12 responses to “Krissy and Jeff’s Wedding. Enjoy the Mega pics!

  1. Oh wow, carrie, you did such an AMAZING job!! You should be so proud of yourself for giving your niece and her new hubby such wonderful proof of their fantastic day. What a beautiful couple they are!

  2. It looks like the wedding was gorgeous!!! I just love the wedding colors and your photos are awesome girl!!!

  3. Cindy Koenig

    Carrie!! I can’t get enough of looking at the pics of my Krissy and her wonderful hubby Jeff! It was a great day, fun and full of love and celebration! Thank you SO MUCH for giving her a perfect gift of capturing those moments forever!! Love you sis!!!

  4. Wow those turned out so beautiful! I bet she was super happy with them…what a gorgeous wedding!

  5. ooh, Carrie! What beeeee-autiful photos! The bride is stunning and I just LOVE that orange!

  6. Oh my gosh. Sitting here with big tears in my eyes. Carrie, you captured that perfect day with some absolutely gorgeous pictures. Krissy and Jeff, I love you!

  7. Love all the photos. Everyone looked so pretty!!! Orange is my new favorite color!

  8. Beautiful! Everyone was just beautiful and I’m LOVING that bright orange and the flowers! So cool!

  9. catchinghappiness

    OMG Carrie… your photos are absolutely STUNNING! What an amazingly beautiful wedding group. LOVE the colors she used for her wedding and she looks absolutely gorgeous. AWESOME job sweetie! I hope they have a wonderful, happy, blessing-filled life together!

  10. Carrie!! YOUR photo’s are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!
    I love love love the colors of the wedding!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  11. I love my pictures!! You did such a wonderful job! Thank you so much, Aunt Carrie for giving us this gift!!!!

  12. O.

    Those BOUQUETS!!!!!


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