exposures and f-stops and bears..Oh My!

shutter speed + iso + aperture (f-stops) = exposure.

okay. got it. check.

fine tuning these 3 components together for a perfectly desired exposed photo…

still working on that. kinda get it. check.

spending alot of time getting to know mr. nikon d80.

yes – Still.

this is a process.

a process that takes many hours of practice. and reading. and more practice.

today my models were mr. vanilla bear and miss maggie.



yeah – i need to get human models soon.

although mr. bear and miss maggie were perfect for today’s pratice time .

a human would have gotten tired of me changing settings and taking more bad shots than good.

i do love learning photography. it’s complex but so rewarding when i see the results of my ambition to learn!

here’s to that old saying that practice makes perfect.

i continue to happily practice.


4 responses to “exposures and f-stops and bears..Oh My!

  1. Very Nice. Maggie seems the willing model.

  2. Very goodpictures Carrie! Mr Bear and Miss Maggie seem to be enjoying themselves. Did Miss Maggie get some special treat for sitting so pretty??

  3. susan opel

    You are too cute. 🙂

  4. Cindy Koenig

    Oh wow ! The pictures are so good — especially Miss Maggie!! she is cute and knows it! ha ha
    I like the way she is super clear and the fence is a little out of focus.. Good job sis! Keep having fun!! **and your human subjects will come soon —-June 6th!! 🙂

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