living by a to-do list.

are you a list maker?
i sure am. most days i have a to-do list.
i know myself too well.
without a to-do list i tend to waste time and be lazy.
sometimes i build “be lazy” into my to-do list. a girl needs a break!

this week my to-do list is full every day.
i’m weird, but i LOVE marking things off when i get them done.
with red ink. yeah, i know, silly huh? works good for me.

i won’t bore you with the details of such a daily list.
but i can tell you a few things i got done today.
things that i so happily marked off in red. i wish i would have taken a couple pictures. i didn’t even think of it.

miss maggie was given an OVERDUE combing and bath.
what’s so great about that you might wonder.
miss maggie has a heavy undercoat and is on meds for her lupus that make her undercoat even thicker.
so yeah, took me a little over an hour to comb her out. 
her meds also make her a little hefty.
and she’s a corgi. her legs are stubby.
she can’t (and wouldn’t even if she could!) hop in the tub by herself.
so hauling her sweet chubby bod in and out of the tub took every ounce of energy i could muster.
all the while trying to avoid messing up my back.
yippe for physical therapy again – i was taught how to lift properly.
that task  took me 2 hours. funny how 1 little line on the list can take so long! 🙂 
of course then i used “scrubbin’ bubbles” to clean the tub.
marking those things off in red made me crazy happy. i hate doing tubs!

there were tons more stuff on my list that i marked off.
a couple that didn’t get done today. no biggie.
tomorrow is a new day.

i’ll leave you with a couple new layouts i’ve done.
this first one was one i did for last week’s friday formula over at cmk.
this is my mom and dad on their wedding day.
these pictures have always been a couple of my favorites.
they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2007.
i love them so much – i’ve been blessed with amazing parents.




this next one i did for this week’s challenge over at random chaos. the challenge is to use at least 6 photos on your page. i chose 6 pictures of my niece, danielle, when she was little. quite a cutie isn’t she? she’s a pretty special girl to me. love her to pieces!! i get to be with her alot this weekend. i can’t wait – i miss her!




that’s it for today – i’ve got a busy weekend coming up. more on that later……. i think maggie has forgiven me for the 2 hours of torture i put her through….she is curled up at my feet. i just love this little corgi dog!  🙂 carrie


13 responses to “living by a to-do list.

  1. catchinghappiness

    Hope Maggie enjoyed her primping! Claire is the same way (shih tzu) LOTS of hair and takes ages to groom her. LOVE your layouts Carrie. You have such a unique classy style. I could look at your layouts for ages. Have a great day sweetie! ~Amy Tara~

  2. HUGE list maker here! And sometimes if I do something that is NOT on the list, I will write it down and then cross it off. Weird? I’m pretty sure you won’t think so. 🙂 Have a productive day, Carrie!

  3. Ah – would we get anything done without our To Do lists? 😉 I think you already know… my big thing is highlighting what’s done in yellow. We all have our quirks 😉 Miss you girlie! Love reading your blog and hearing about your life… and especially looking at your creations!

  4. Great pages, Carrie! I esp. love that Perl page… the colors are so fabulous and I love, love love heritage pages. And yours are always sooo great!

  5. great LOs Carrie. sounds like you are really busy.

  6. I used to make to do lists all the time, now, not so much. I don’t do as much as I used to, I guess. Love your layouts.

  7. I am a list marker too 🙂
    I love your LOs – especially the 1st one! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  8. Those are cute pages. I was hoping to see a picture of your Corgi!

  9. I’m the occasional list maker. Mostly for grocery store trips, but when I’m really swamped, then I have to make lists so I don’t forget anything. And I have also been known to add things to the list, then immediately cross them off because they’re already done. What IS is with that??? 😉 Must be a deep need to feel like I’ve accomplished something. 😉 Mostly, though, I just fly by the seat of my pants!!!!!!

  10. I could look at your layouts all day long, carrie! Gorgeous!! And good for you for marking through those to-do lists – I literally can’t function without mine… I certainly can’t rely on my memory, lol!

  11. I’m a list maker too, Carrie! Jim tried to get me to do it electronically one time, but it just didn’t work for me. I needed the satisfaction of crossing off those items by hand.

    Susan & Tracey, I have added things to the list and crossed them off immediately too. Hmmm…what does that say about us?

    Your layouts are lovely, Carrie.

  12. What a cute blog. Your designs are fun and upbeat. Keep up your positive attitude!! 🙂

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