one of my goals. be content.

i scrapped a page about one of my goals in life.
to be content.
to be content to me means knowing a very personal inner peace.
its a secure “ahhhhh” thing that is deep within me;
deep within me because i know the One who gives real contentment.

my journaling reads:
physically, emotionally and spiritually
be content
in the places that God
has chosen to place me.
be content in the present



i’m not claiming to have mastered how to be content 365/24/7.
last time i checked i am still human and imperfect.
but thankfully i am in a better place than i use to be.
imperfections and all, i DO know what true contentment is.
i didn’t use to know what that was.
it’s all in the One who gives it.
and i know Him.

the specifics about the design of the layout is pretty fun.
i did it for this week’s challenge over at random chaos.
the challenge this week is to use yellow, orange and office supplies.
my house and chimney is made from an index card.
i used staples.
and the little white rounds thingys are paper reinforcements.

have a great week! 🙂 Carrie


16 responses to “one of my goals. be content.

  1. Mr. Carrie.This Is Me

    You are more content than before. And I love the layout!

  2. Hooray for being content!! That is sooo awesome!
    I love this LO!!! It is just so cute! Love how you did the little house…everything, really!!
    And your remodel is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Cindy Koenig

    Hey sis! I LOVE that you are content… and I think that means something different for different people… But you nailed it, we CAN be content/have that inner peace within our being because of the ONE who gives it! I like that description…. the “ahhhhhhhhhhh feeling”!
    The layout is so cute – good job!!

  4. Love that sprig of white pearls! What a fun addition to your page of contentment.

  5. Renee' Morris-Dezember

    oh Carrie this is adorable!!! ahhhh content…I wish I could feel that even just a tad bit…your LO is adorable and your remodel is beautiful!!!
    BTW….you’ve been TAGGED! Check out my blog for the details! 🙂

  6. Love it Carrie!

  7. I just love this!!! Awesome colors, awesome layering, awesome use of border punches…..awesome!!!!

  8. Awwww, Carrie! This is wonderful! TFS!

  9. Your LO is such a great reminder to me. Thanks for sharing

  10. You are such an amazing woman Carrie. I am so lucky to call you friend!! I absolutely LOVE your post today. I needed it. Absolutely. Being content…you rock at it! 😀
    Love you sweet girl…

    Your layout is FABULOUS!! I love how you layered your paper! Just look at the amazing way you placed your chipboard. Amazing design. Yum!! 😀 Love that eye candy!

    Have a great week,
    Much love,

  11. Anabelle O'Malley

    This is so amazing. I love the whole design and I love the message.

  12. catchinghappiness

    I just love this layout Carrie. Such a great use of materials and I love the topic. So real. So right! We could all take a little advisement from this. You just amaze me!
    Blessings ~ Amy Tara

  13. Great page!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the message!!!!

  14. Totally LOVE this layout, carrie! And a BIG BIG happy birthday to you!!! 🙂

  15. loooove this, Carrie! absolutely beautiful and so creative!

  16. This one blows me away girl!
    I am in awe!!!

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