remodel pictures

since i’ve blogged so much about my bathroom remodel process, i figure i better get my rear in gear and post some “after” pictures.

remember what our master bathroom looked like in the process?


here it is now! the cabinets are a distressed antique cream color. i love it alot!


i still need to get some closeup pictures of my favorite details in the room, and my super organized closet that i am thrilled about, and the new shower door.

i will share this one detail with you. i found the soap dispenser at targe’ and the little glass at pier one. i was pretty excited how they went together so well. i get a little ga-ga over little details. and can you believe i’m STILL not 100% sure about the darn towel colors? i think i need medication about it by now. hee-hee!


and here is the boy’s bathroom. i’m lovin’ this alot too! look close in the second photo and you can see the tiny little houndstooth pattern in the wallpaper. it turned out just how i was hoping it would; downplayed with a little bit of color and texture added.




other random things going on with me:

i’ve been doing some scrapping but can’t share it publicly yet. i love this hobby so much! i finally tidied up my room so i’ve been able to scrap with a clear head and space.

dave is home for spring break this week.
he’s working at the shop all week.
it’s great having him home for awhile.
it’s the little things about having the family together that are precious to me. i love my family.

i started mother of groom dress shopping.
well, kinda.
katelyn and i started looking online.
i found a couple i really like at nordstroms.
we’ll see – i have to try them on of course.
my plan is to do my serious shopping and buying in early may.
i have a couple fashion minded friends helping me a little. 😉
i’ve asked them to be my long distance stacey and clinton.
you know, from what not to wear?
stay tuned for more dress news in the next couple months.

the weather here in indiana is getting warmer.
remember how i don’t like springtime rain?
i promise i won’t whine about it. once is enough.
i DO love the springtime green grass and sunshine.

that said, i WILL miss my everyday winter attire.
my attire that i run errands in and putz around town in.
my jeans, my brown puffy vest and my sweatshirts underneath.
obviously, i go for daily comfort.
however, i DO wear pointy toed high heel boots with this.
which is totally against what my physical therapist steve approved.
i do the exercises he assigend; i can’t give up everything!


have a great week!!!  🙂 carrie


14 responses to “remodel pictures

  1. oh wow. Love the bathroom with the green!!! Will you come to NC and help me with my bathrooms?

  2. Cindy Koenig

    Whew hoo! I love the bathrooms! You need to take a pic and show it of your master bath floor — I LOVE that!! I think the colors in both are great!!! I know you love the green and the houndstooth paper in the boys bath. I need you and Julie to come and help me make my bathroom makeover when it’s time. (maybe next year??? – we’ll need a new tub and all in our master bath.) You both did a great job w/ color schemes – and I love the vanities you both have!
    Well – i have to admit I love this sunshine too – today was 71 degrees ! But I’ll miss my sweatshirt jackets I bought this winter —- have to get the capris and comfy shirts out for summer attire! :)ha
    Mother of the bride dress shopping is nearing for me – June 6th is coming fast. I have no clue ! time to get cracking I guess – ok, after Easter!!
    Good blogging Carrie!! love it!!:)

  3. Cindy Koenig

    P.S. – Oh I love the shot of you at the end of today’s blog — are you taking a picture of us ? 🙂 Cute!

  4. catchinghappiness

    The photo of you is so cute Carrie… even if we can’t see your face. I love that you are documenting your everyday attire… great idea! LOVE the bathroom remodels… you really did a GREAT job! Love the splash of green…it gives such a nice pop in the one bathroom. Have a blessed day! Amy Tara

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love your bathrooms!!

  6. audreypettit

    Your bathroom remodels look fantastic, Carrie! How fabulous to be done! Thanks for sharing the photos.
    I love that last photo of you, too. You are sassy in your pointy toed boots, girl. Love it!

  7. Mr. Carrie.This Is Me

    You are a great writer, I love to read your thoughts.

    Oh, and nice self portrait!

  8. Your bathrooms are BEA-U-TI-FUL!!!!!!!! Love the colors and the little details. You have such a good eye for catching those little details and making them pop!

    And your winter wardrobe….you have a way of making jeans, sweatshirts, vest and pointy toed boots look amazing!!

  9. Looking good, Carrie! I bet that is a relief.

    We are gonna get back to you on your e-mail soon! Sorry it’s taken so long! Exciting stuff!

  10. The bathroom looks gorgeous Carrie! When are you going to come over and help me redecorate mine? I could definitely use your help!
    And I will only say this once…you really should listen to your physical therapist!!!! tee hee!!!

  11. You are such a cutie!!! Love both bathrooms. They are beautiful. Love theat painting/photo on the wall in the boys bathroom.

  12. WOW! Terrific bathroom Carrie!

  13. Wow, carrie, both bathrooms look amazingly gorgeous!! You’re inspiring me to give mine a facelift! 🙂

  14. looks beautiful! i was wondering how it was going, i am so behind, lol

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