stuff and more stuff.

check out what’s been going on for me the past few days……

saturday night we drove to dave’s turf near the college to hear him play guitar/harmonica and sing. the blue lion is one of his favorite places to hang out with friends. really cool coffee shop. i don’t even drink coffee and i loved it! and i always love to hear him sing and play guitar!


these pictures are inside the blue lion.
#1 picture is dave (tall guy in blue :)) with his friends isaac and elizabeth who sang a couple of the songs with him. very cool!
#2 and #3 are inside blue lion as well.
i know it’s the back of my head.
i like the picture anyway. love the “in the moment” shot of dave.
and i liked how my hair looked in the back. whatever! 🙂




ed purchased a little canon powershot sd800 point and shoot camera for me.
i got it to carry around in my purse.
i use my nikon d80 most of the time but there are times it’s just too huge to take with me when i want to take random shots here and there.
target doesn’t appreciate me pullin’ out the big guns.
i took this picture for 2 reasons.
#1 to play around with the settings of my new point and shoot.
i’m still in the learning mode.
#2 it’s my “before” picture.
i’m trying to lose a few of those “after surgery”, “unable to exercise until recovered” pounds.
for some goofy reason i decided to do a before and after picture.
don’t get too excited about seeing the after picture.
chances are it won’t be a whole lot different than the before shot.
i’m not working too hard at losing the poundage (is that a word?)
i’m exercising like the physical therapist told me to do.
and i’m trying not to eat full pans of brownies.
if those 2 things don’t work, i’m not trying anything else.
i can live with how i am if i have to. 🙂


 other major news around here is rain. and alot of it.
this is our creek behind our house.
do you see that overflow? that’s not suppose to be there!
this is really, really high for this creek.
all over the city our rivers are flooding out neighborhoods.
not to sound grouchy, but i really am not a fan of springtime.
i DO like seeing green grass. but i don’t care for alot of rain. but of course i know in order to have the green grass we have to have the rain. 🙂
here in indiana spring means alot of rain!

spring in indiana also means tornados.
sunday afternoon there were storms and tornados in the area.
ed,  maggie and i hit the basement when there was a funnel cloud sighted only a few miles away.
miss maggie HATES thunderstorms. she hates dangerous winds even more.
poor little thing was scared spitless.
i did grab both my cameras on my way down to the basement.
here is miss maggie scared to death under our favorite blanket.
isn’t she adorable?


i’ve been scrapping alot the past week or so.
here’s a dt layout i did for the random chaos blog.
this week’s challenge was to use 2 photos, 2 labels, and 2 words in the title.
i used actual labels from some old jeans, and used little cut out pieces of old jeans as well.
it’s a special page about the jean quilt jane made for dan.



this next layout i did for today’s journaling challenge over at create my keepsake.
my challenge this week is to journal retrospectively.
to pull out old pictures and journal in the “i remember” way of thinking.
this is dan when he was almost 2.
my journaling is about how i remember him desperately wanting to play with the blacksmith statue at his grandma’s house even though he wasn’t suppose to touch it. you can read the full story of journaling  by clicking here.



today is my mother in law, jane’s birthday! happy birthday! you’re so very special to us and i love you! i hope you are having a special day! i hope you don’t mind me posting your picture. 🙂


thanks for hangin’ out at my blog for awhile.    🙂 carrie


10 responses to “stuff and more stuff.

  1. audreypettit

    Wow, you’ve got tons going on, girl! Love, love all the different photos you posted. Gives us a great peek at your life. Love the coffee shop ones, and I think you look fabulous, as is! Poor little Maggie did look pretty scared.
    I just adore your pages, too. You always knock my socks off with your work.

  2. audreypettit

    I just wrote you such a long message, but when I went to hit submit, I disappeared. I hope I’m not posting twice! Love all your photos. I think you look wonderful. And I adore your pages. Always, always adore your pages!

  3. Mr.Carrie.This Is Me

    I like your “before” picture!!!

  4. Good gravy girl, there’s a lot here! LOL! Love your coffee night photos! Looks like fun!

    I just love your lo too!

  5. Cindy Koenig

    Hey sis! Great blog today!! I love the pictures of Dave w/ his new friends -and want to hear him sing and play again! I love that kid!! 🙂 (Hi Dave – love you!)
    I like your “before” picture too!!! 🙂
    Wow you guys did get alot of rain -and the tornados came close didn’t they? We didn’t have any,but Sherwood did(about 10 mi from us) ugh – I’m with Maggie,I hate storms too!!!
    Wow – the layout of Dan is amazing – he looks so sweet and sooooooo anxious to touch that blacksmith -hmmmmmmmmmm did he or didn’t touch it while no one was looking? 🙂
    Happy BirthdayJane! I hope you had a great day! You look beautiful!!
    – Cindy

  6. Wait – you don’t drink coffee? *sip sip*
    And you look so cute – love the back of the hair especially!
    Love that 1987 layout (it was a very good year!)

  7. catchinghappiness

    Wow, Carrie, LOVE those photos… looks/sounds like a neat place. I’m sure Dave enjoyed having you there to hear him play. Have a GREAT day!

  8. Hi Carrie! Looks like you have been busy but having a lot of fun in the process! The trip to hear your dad play sounds like a great time and the coffee part sounds wonderful to me! tee hee!!!

    I hope you don’t float away with all the rain!

  9. Dave Ferrier

    I hear Dave’s band is really good.

  10. Renee' Morris-Dezember

    Carrie you are so cute 🙂
    Your LOs look amazing as always…hope that weather stays away and you guys stay safe! take care…

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