random picture fun

wow! i can’t believe i’ve neglected my blog for so long!
it’s been a low key kind of a week.

one thing i have been doing is going through all my pictures.
all, meaning every single one of them.
i’m pulling some out for a slideshow for dan’s wedding.
i got caught up in pulling and decided to pull some out for scrapping reasons too.
i didn’t start taking digi pictures until a year and 1/2 ago.
most of my pictures are film.
i do love going through them.
even though there are literally thousands of them to go through!
i’m getting alot of ideas for some fun scrapbook pages as i go through them.

i thought i’d post a few random pictures from my digi files.
i’m organizing them as i go through them.
let me warn you, they are random.
most are from the past 3-5 years.
some i found fun to remember the little story behind.
i’m all about the story behind the picture. 🙂


picture #1 – this is dave.  this was during his junior high/freshman days when he was cleaning the shop. as he was cleaning ed’s office he took a break and started drawing and came up with this. i think (dave correct me if i’m wrong) he took ed’s work digi camera out of the closet to take this shot of his “face”. i DO love dave’s drawings. he’s a darn good artist. i’ll have to post more of those drawings some day.


picture #2 – this is katelyn. she and dan love going to the zoo together. this is her favorite animal at the zoo. dan took this picture of her. she just looks so darn cute in this picture. well heck, she looks darn cute all the time! 🙂


picture #3 – katelyn and dan on our michigan vacation in 06. this was on mackinaw island. we had a blast in the different gift shops. dan found this little tacky award that said “worlds best girlfriend”. he didn’t buy it – even though he agreed with the sentiment he couldn’t bring himself to purchase something this tacky. 🙂


picture #4 – this was taken on mackinaw island too. it is in honor of my sis, cindy, who has a certain dislike for horseback riding. let’s just say a not so smart horse wasn’t very nice to her at church camp years ago. cindy has disliked the creatures ever since. so this sign is for you sis!


picture #5 – dave took this picture on our michigan 06 vacation. this is lake superior. it is the gorgeous view we had every night from the front deck of the house we rented for the week.


picture #6 – i took this picture the day we moved dave into his dorm last august. of course i meant for it NOT to be blurry when i took the photo, but i actually am loving how it turned out blurry. why? because that’s what that day seems like to me as i look back on it. it was a good day.  it was a bittersweet day for me as a mom. bittersweet, but still a good day. an exciting day. a fast moving, changing day. and the actual moving dave’s stuff to his room was literally a blur because the student staff members met us at our car and unloaded everything in seriously about 15 minutes! they unloaded everything for us! it was the most impressive thing i’d ever seen. i instantly fell in love with grace college and had a pretty good idea that dave would too. and i was right. he loves it. but this first day…..SUCH a blur!


picture #7 – this is from one of our walks while we were vacationing in colorado. this particular picture is about a mile and 1/2 from the house we rented on one of the mountains near durango. on this walk we found out there was a bear spotting nearby and were told to stay on the road and make alot of noise. i particularly love this shot because dave was walking a little ways ahead; look how teeny tiny he is compared to that massive gorgeous mountain! mountains amaze me and make me stand in awe! i instantly become aware of my God’s beautiful creation and power. LOVE the mountains!

that’s it for now. i’ve not forgotten about posting bathroom remodel pictures. i need to get on that! we’re loving the changes!!!    later…..carrie 🙂


14 responses to “random picture fun

  1. danielleholsapple

    That was such a fun post!!!!! I loved hearing about each photo!!!

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and little stories behind them.

  3. great pictures Carrie! i love the stories behind them too…I love the drawing of the face and the blurry dorm pic!

  4. Cindy Koenig

    Hey sis – great blog today! I check in about every day to see if there’s NEWS from you!
    I love this one – all the different photos and stories – amazing That’s what is so neat about your pics and scrapping-the storytelling/ journaling which makes each one come alive! Great job! I love the one of Katelyn and her giraffe – and of course she and Dan – hilarious! Oh how clever you are getting a sign w/ my name and horses in the same space -just love love those creatures! ha!! I’ll have to give you a copy of the pic from 2 summers ago when I actually rode one!!! “ride like the wind!” 🙂
    WE know Julie loves them too ! right sis?
    love you – can’t wait to see the bathroom pics

  5. Dave Ferrier

    The other morning I had some time before class so I went through all of the pictures on my computer one by one. It was fun. Some of those pictures from banquet and NHS my Junior year were really strange to look back on.

  6. Oh Carrie! My youngest dd would absolutely LOVE Miss Katelyn! She too LOVES the zoo and her favorite animal there is the giraffe! We can’t wait for them to open the new African Journey!!! The rest of the photos are great too that blurry one of the dorm move in conveys so much emotion!
    thanks for sharing!

  7. Love your pictures, Carrie!

  8. Loved this Carrie! Great look into your life!

  9. What a fun post! Love the Michigan photo!

  10. Love this! It is so fun to look at older pictures and hear your story behind each one!

  11. Oh yeah…forgot to add just how much i love riding horses – NOT! I’ve got my own horror story there!

  12. Beautiful photos and stories behind them!
    P.S. thank you so much for all your sweet comments in my gallery today! I appreciate you doing that! =)

  13. audreypettit

    Oooh, I do love your pictures, Carrie!! Love the stories and the photos. Guess that’s why we’re scrapbookers, right?

  14. What a fun post! You have such a wonderful way of looking at life!

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