(exciting) stuff going on.

the new march issue of scrapbook trends is out now.
i still find it over the top exciting to see my work published.
page 25. “by carrie ferrier”.
that’ll give a girl a big boost of warm fuzzies for sure!



i also find it totally cool that scrapbook trends went out and bought their own sonic goodies for the page set up! i secretly hopeΒ it resulted in whoever went out and bought the goodies for the page set up to be addicted to the sonic goodness now too! πŸ™‚

we’re still making final touches to the bathroom remodels.
the only big thing left to do is to install the shower door.
it is scheduled to be delivered this week sometime.
who knew picking out towel colors could be so nutty?
okay, so ed could really care less what color the towel is.
the nutty-ness belongs to me. i’ll admit it.
it’s a design thing.
colors have to coordinate (not matchy-matchy).
i’m having a hard time getting the flow of color to work.
the flow of color from the bedroom to the bathroom.
i’m about ready to throw paper towels in there and call it done. hee-hee!
the boys bathroom colors are my favorite ever.
that color scheme won’t work in our bathroom.
unless of course we change out some things in our bedroom.
that option would be silly, wasteful and frivilous.
so i continue to be on the hunt for what works.
what works for this designing, colorful head of mine.

in other news, i’m one of those people who loves winter.
but i gotta say i’m thinking i’m ready for spring.
spring means ed and i will go out riding bikes again.
the bikes are at the bike shop getting tuned up as i speak.
i hope to go on a couple longer rides this spring.
my back is in good shape finally!
thanks again to my physical therapist, steve!!
this year spring means wedding plans go full speed ahead.
alot to get done. i’m geared up to get it going.
one of those things? mother of the groom dress.
some people like to shop for such a dress with a friend.
i’m not one of those people.
i’ll be going all by myself to find “the dress”.
note to all my friends…..you can thank me later. πŸ™‚
i’m not a dress kind of girl. i currently own no dresses.
i have 2 skirts. 2 skirts that currently have dust on them.
i want this dress to look and feel and move just right.
this dress will have to be motherly, yet not matronly.
matronly isn’t me.
it has to be stylish, yet not funky.
i’m normally a little on the funky side.
mother of the groom dresses can’t be funky.
it has to be elegant, yet not the belle of the ball.
i’m not an out front “look at me” kind of girl anyway.
a “look at me” dress is not what i will come home with.
SO not me!
so yeah, going by myself is something that has to be.
i know myself; i’d let someone talk me into a dress.
a dress THEY loved and ranted about how good i look in it.
but chances are it’d be a dress that just wasn’t me.
and i’d be stuck wearing it and feeling all yucky in it.
and for goodness sakes i can’t feel yucky on that day.
the perfect dress?
a dress that feels SO right that i forget about it as soon as i put it on.
i want to focus on dan and kate’s day – not my dress!
so yeah, it’s gotta be just right.

later…. πŸ™‚ carrie


14 responses to “(exciting) stuff going on.

  1. danielleholsapple

    Hooray on the pub!!!! That layout is awesome! I, too, love to see what ST does as a background for our work!!!
    And I don’t know how you can be a winter girl – crazy!

  2. Congrats on the pub. I will look for it next time I am out!
    good luck with the dress.

  3. Congrats girlie!!!

  4. Love this layout and am so proud of you for getting it published! Going to get that magazine asap for my “Carrie’s publications” collection!

    Good luck finding a dress for the wedding. I’m already stressing a little about getting a dress for Kristen/Jeff and Dan/Katelyn weddings….and I’m only the aunt!! HA! I do agree though that that kind of clothes shopping I do better alone.

    And have fun coordinating your new bathroom purchases. I still haven’t gotten decorations (pictures/knick-knacky things) for my new bathrooms. Nothing has HIT me yet, but I’ll know it when I see it, I guess.

  5. i remember that layout! congrats! i love winter, too but i am done w/ it this year. seriously.

    i am a believer in “you’ll just know” when it somes to dresses. good luck, there is sooo much out there today

  6. Whew hoo! the SONIC layout is out for everyone to see! I love it! And I like how they added the fries in their magazine! I am proud of you Carrie – go girlie! πŸ™‚
    Well- good luck on decorating the baths – I know what I saw in the process looked great! (esp the picture in the boys bathroom – I won’t give out any info!) πŸ™‚
    You definitely have a creative eye – as you can tell my decorating style – well, there isn’t much of one!! How can we be related? Julie has the touch too – what happened w/ the middle sister? ha ha!!
    OK – so you have until July for the mother of the groom dress – I ONLY HAVE UNTIL JUNE! AHHHH! πŸ™‚ I too will go it alone and see what hits me!
    Kristen says , she doesn’t care what I get as long as Jeff’s mom and I blend and get something we like! I just haven’t been anywhere to look yet – haven’t liked anything on line – either very matronly or seems trying to look like a young bridesmaid! I don’t like either for me – a 48 yr old mom of the bride! I’ll find something and I don’t want to stand out either Carrie!! I want eyes to be on Kristen and the wedding party!! πŸ™‚
    Love ya – keep up the good work scrapping and blogging!

  7. hahhahaa i just ripped that one and added it to my great idea binder to use as inspiration later!!! Gorgeous!

  8. Big big congrats to you, carrie! I just bought that issue today – can’t wait to see your LO in person!! I always love ST backdrops – they do the coolest things!

  9. What a fun pub! CONGRATS!

  10. Mr.Carrie.This Is Me

    26 years and I still can’t figure out what “matchy-matchy” means!!?

  11. I would love to go dress shopping with you. I think I own 5 dresses and maybe about 15 skirts.

    We are ready for spring, too! It was 60 degrees earlier this week!

  12. Oh my gosh…I remember that layout!! cool on the pub πŸ™‚ !!!

  13. Renee' Morris-Dezember

    I’m so happy for you my friend!!! I LOVE your page πŸ™‚

  14. Such a cute LO Carrie! Congrats on that one!
    I am wanting spring time too!

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