a random fact about me and purses.

a random fact about me is that i do love purses.
ever since i can remember i have loved purses.
i loved playing with my mom’s empty purses when i was a little girl.
she let me play with them – thank you mom.
playing with your purses is a special childhood memory!
thanks for not making them hands off for my play time. 🙂

i would open up mom’s empty purses and find little treasures.
stray pennies – a bandaid – a stray piece of gum – a pen.
and i would add my own little treasures as i played.
when i got older and earned allowance i bought my own purses.
there was a time in my 20’s and 30’s that i bought WAY too many purses.
darn near an addiction! hee-hee!!!

these days i’m super picky about the purse i use daily.
believe it or not i don’t own alot of purses anymore.
i have only a select few that meet my picky criteria.

with that said, i found this near perfect bag at kohls – on sale – even better!



now, every girl has her own individual purse criteria.
at least i think they do. 🙂
a criteria that might be totally different than another’s.

this little beauty meets most of my criteria for the perfect purse.
first and foremost it has to be cute. which i found this one to be so stinkin’ cute!
carrying a purse is pretty much wearing a purse, so yeah, it’s gotta be cute.
cute to me anyway. 🙂
these colors are my favorite colors these days. and look at how totally cute even the inside is! big plus to me!
a perfect purse is everytime i carry it i say GOSH I LIKE THIS!!
i say that when i carry this one!
it has to be soft and moveable and foldable and not too stiff.
this one meets that perfectly!
it can’t be hard and bulky. this one is not hard or bulky!
it has to be this basic size. not much smaller and not much bigger.
a perfect purse to me zips shut. this one does! yeah!
a perfect purse to me has an inside zipper. this one does.
and it must have a cell phone pocket. this one does. yeah!
it has to fit over my shoulder.
1 long handle would make this little beauty 100% perfect to me.
i can live with it being 97% perfect!

i know – totally random fact about me.
but did you know this random fact……
i have a secret dream of designing and making purses!
maybe i’ll do that when i grow up.       🙂 carrie


11 responses to “a random fact about me and purses.

  1. Hey sis – seems I’m the only one up late enough to see your purse blog first! 🙂 Yeah I love this purse – it says CARRIE all over it , with the green and the flower, and the pocket thingys going on. Glad you found a bargain you love!
    **You always have loved purses!! I don’t know, you still may have a slight addiction – hee hee!
    I love them too!

  2. you’re a hoot girl!!! I love purses too…and shoes and clothes and scrappy stuff and SALES…guess I could go on and on 🙂

  3. Mr. carrie.Thisisme

    And they have to smoosh around your hip bone just right!

    I think we should open a purse library where purse loving ladies can check out purses for a day or a week and then return them for another. Sort of a Rent-A-Center for handbags!

  4. This IS a very cute purse! 🙂

  5. Renee' Morris-Dezember

    oh Carrie that is really cute!!! Love it 🙂

  6. Yep, the girl loves her purses!! I’ve got a little of that in me….I just love bags of about any kind. Purses, tote bags, lunch bags. You name it.

    Mr. Carrie – I LOVE the purse library idea!!

    And Carrie, I can so see you designing purses some day. And I guarantee, I’d buy your purses!

  7. Oh Yes me too! Try Mr Carrie’s purse library idea and then branch off into making our own styles! I’d for sure buy your purses!! 🙂
    Julie – do you still use the one you bought off the street in Chicago 2 summers ago?? that was such a fun time !:)

  8. Such a cute new bag, Carrie!! I quit carrying a purse a few years ago but I used to be obsessed too! LOVED purses!!

  9. fun facts Carrie! that purse is super cute! 🙂

  10. That is a fun dream! Do it!!!
    That is a very cute purse! I’m happy if the bag is CUTE and doesn’t fall off my shoulder! That is a major bugger!

  11. I love purses too! I would love to have a different one to carry everyday, but that’s sooo not practical! Butgetting a new one every now and then is quite fun! Love your LO’s below too!

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