happy valentines day from my house to yours.

happy valentines day!
check out the beauty i’m enjoying today.
inside my kitchen and outside my kitchen window.
i do love red roses and freshly fallen snow.





it’s been awhile since i last blogged.
my week went something like this:
mon./tues. was bathroom tile installation.
miss maggie freaked out with all the banging and sawing but it was music to my ears.

wed. was bedroom carpet installation. berber is our friend! 🙂

thurs. dave was in town for a quick visit. ed and i took him to dinner to our new fav local bbq place called moosewood. he also got to see his bedroom full of assorted bathroom fixtures and mater bedroom closet junk. love you dave!

a few evenings this week i shared my oven with dan’s college project that involves baking sand. yeah, thats right, i said sand in my oven! don’t even ask me what the project is because it’s way over my head. all i know is that it was 1 small part of the major senior project he’s doing for his mechanical engineering degree. i know – that was vague huh? – trust me, if i attempted to explain it i’d butcher it to pieces. i will say that dan totally respected my oven and everything is still in tact. good luck with your project honey. 🙂

thurs. i got a cool email from scrapbook trends magazine requesting a fav layout for their july issue.

thurs. night, of course, was tv heaven.
a new survivor season started.
2 hours of grey’s / private practice cross over show!

fri. was full of appointments, bathroom decor shopping and dinner out.
i do love my hair gal who works magic with a little color and scissors.

shopped around for towel colors, towel bars, light fixtures, soap dispensers, etc. i love this part of the process. i’m not a one stop shop kinda girl for the details. i go around to my fav places and look for different things from different places that fit perfect together. and of course i look for sales and deals.

dr. appointment that landed me being on prednisone and a z-pac for the next week. darn sinus infection and mysterious hives that came out of no where! what the heck?

dinner with sis cindy and bil bud was great! connecting with cindy was just what the doctor ordered! 🙂 there’s no better medicine than time spent with THE person i’ve shared every stage of life with.

today ed is workin’ his buns off hooking up the new plumbing and installing the cabinet, countertop and sinks for bathroom #1. he’s sending me out to purchase the finds from yesterday and to look for baskets for the closet. the baskets are a little brainstorm idea we had in our hopes to organize and simply our closet space.

if ed isn’t too pooped and we’re not broke from my shopping adventure, we’ll probably go out for dinner this evening. although the restaurants will probably be packed, so we might opt out for the “take out and bring it home” route.

i hope you all have a good day. to ed, my valentine for 26 plus years, and to dan and dave, my other 2 valentines for 22 and almost 19 years – i love you deeply and always; 24 /7 / 365!!!!!


11 responses to “happy valentines day from my house to yours.

  1. Anabelle O'Malley

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Carrie! sounds like you have had one busy week! Can’t wait to see what you bathroom looks like when it’s done. Congrats on the ST toot. Those emails are so fun to get!

  2. i got roses too!
    they are gorgeous!
    so glad to hear the bathroom is progressing, so
    do you think you will sleep in there when it
    is done?
    congrats on the ST tut!

  3. Happy Love Day!!

  4. you have been busy! your flowers are pretty – I have the same view!!!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day Carrie!
    Sounds like you have had a wonderful, although busy, week!
    Congrats on the ST toot!

  6. Wow, that’s quite the week, Carrie!
    Glad the reno is going well! Have fun with your honey tonight!!
    Happy ♥’s Day!!

  7. Beautiful roses!

  8. Your week was busy! You need to share photos of your completed renovations. Beautiful roses and snow. I love snow, not the cold. Sand in the oven? Congrats on the ST pub!!!!!!!
    Happy heart day!

  9. Wow! What a week girl! Gorgeous flowers. 😀
    I love the snow!
    Hope your hearts day was fabulous!

    CONGRATS on the pub!!


  10. Hey sis! We had a good time connecting with you and Ed too!
    I love your roses!! and the picture of your snowy tree outside your window – I do love looking at the snow from the inside! 🙂
    Your week sounds like it was a crazy one – hope your meds take care of the sinus infection and rash!! time for you to be well girlie!!
    Your bathrooms, even though still in progress look nice!! love the colors you’re choosing!
    (Julie – sister2! – I still want to see pics of your bathrooms!!!! – esp your own special private room!!- I’m jealous!)
    Have a good week! Keep the blog coming!
    Love you, Cindy

  11. Mr.Carrie is me

    I love you too! And I’m crazy about you.

    The first time I saw you in 8th grade you were beautiful with your shag hairdo and your octagon wire rim glasses. it was like an episode of “That 70’s Show”.

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