powerful songs.

i will admit, at times the most powerful worship times for me are when i listen to the lyrics of songs. sometimes, because of how i’m wired and because of insecurities i have (however founded or unfounded they may be), God knows and accepts that there are certain times that i can focus on and worship Him more deeply when i’m alone listening to powerful lyrics. He accepts and is okay with the fact that there are certain times it’s not best for me to be sitting in a church building. He knows my heart. every day. every hour. He knows i desire His path for me. He knows i’m imperfect. He knows what i can and cannot do. and He knows why.

today was one of those days.
i love my church. i deeply love it. and i deeply miss it when i’m not there.
but today was one of those days that because of my insecurities, i couldn’t be anywhere else but alone. alone worshipping through song lyrics that bring me closer to knowing God more. and letting Him comfort and protect my insecurities.

i’m not perfect. sometimes i have it altogether and do all the right things. sometimes i’m an amazing wife and wonderful mother and friend. other times i mess up. and mess up badly. sometimes i’m not the person i know i should be and want to be.

i am SO thankful there is no “list” that is required of me to be loved by God. if i believed there was a list of do’s and don’ts to live by i would be in total despair with no hope. He knows none of us can live up to a list. He knows there is nothing i do or don’t do that can make Him love me less. He knows there is nothing i do or don’t that can make Him love me more. that blows me away. and humbles me. and makes me want to know Him more and give Him praise more.

i am His simply because of what He has done for me. i’m not His because of anything i have done so perfectly wonderful in my life. i am His quite simply because i believe He loves me so much that He suffered the cross for me. for ME! how amazingly comforting is that! how degrading is it to the character of God for me to believe i have to earn love and acceptance from Him. talk about kickin’ the big ole “to do” list in the butt!

i’ll share this song (click ‘this song’ and turn up your volume. :)) we’re all in different spots in our lives – i hope it comforts you where you are today. in a special way like it did me.

🙂 xox carrie


14 responses to “powerful songs.

  1. That is a beautiful entry, Carrie. I admire you so much!
    Hugs to you,

  2. Praising and worshipping God comes in all different ways and all different places! I am so thankful for the gift of music He’s given so many that truly speak to my heart and soul… nothing like it.
    Thanks for sharing your belief and knowledge of God’s grace – and the amazing song! All we have and are IS because of Who God Is!
    I love you sis!

  3. I totally can relate to what you wrote, Carrie.
    This morning was the same for me. I had to consciously remove everything from my thoughts so I could concentrate on Jesus. When we took communion, I was reminded of how unworthy I am to be called his child, and yet how thankful I am that he’s forgiven me. So thankful for His grace.
    I love that song. (& Casting Crowns, too.)
    Hugs to you!!

  4. charity hassel

    I too am amazed by His love and awesomeness!!!

  5. Isn’t it great to know that we are a totally new human being in Christ?

  6. Carrie, Thanks for sharing that is a wonderful song.

  7. that song is just awesome. everytime i listen to it the hair on my arms stands up. so powerful!

  8. AWESOME song!!

  9. thanks so much for sharing this link. 🙂

  10. I agree with everything Cindy said 🙂 That song is beautiful and very touching…

  11. This is gorgeous Carrie. Thank you for sharing! I am amazed by God & His glory. I love that song. 😀 I love that He loves us…no matter what, when, where, how…He loves us.

    Love ya girl,

  12. WOW!!! what a powerful and moving song!
    I just loved the lyrics…especially these words:
    “not because of who I am,
    but because of what you’ve done
    not because of what I’ve done
    but because of who you are”
    They just spoke to me girl!

    Love you girl!!!!

  13. What a great song! Thanks for sharing!

  14. sue s ellsworth

    carrie: thank you for sharing what is on your heart – what a freedom and privilege we do have to worship God, share our faith, verbilize our testamony and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Creator of the Universe knows us, wants a relationship with us, forgives us, loves us and saves us

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