8×8 album

i’ve started an 8×8 album.
it will have only baby picture layouts in it.
baby pictures of me.
baby pictures of ed.
and baby pictures of dan and dave.
all in one album.
my favorite albums are the We R MemoryKeepers 3 ring albums.
they come in a great variety of colors and sizes.

i did this 8×8 layout for my baby picture album AND for the fun challenge over at random chaos this week. if you’re looking for a great challenge, give this weeks a try. it is to use polka dots, the color yellow and some felt in your design.




my favorite thing about this picture is that it shows my very distinct cow lick on the right. i’m pretty attached to it 🙂 i fought with it for years when trying out different hair styles. i get it from my dad. he has the same cow lick. dan was born with this exact same little perl trademark. it’s cuter on dad and dan than it is on me. 🙂

speaking of dan, he woke up at 3AM sicker than a dog. we’re pretty sure it’s food poisoning. i won’t out the place where he got the food poisoning, but they do sell eggrolls and it is a buffet. i don’t think he’ll be eating there again any time soon. poor guy!

that’s it for today. baby pictures, the color yellow, polka dots, felt, cow licks, and food poisoning.  that kinda sounded like an episode of sesame street didn’t it? hee-hee 🙂  carrie


10 responses to “8×8 album

  1. wow, Carrie…i love your layout of YOU! i love your concept of the “baby album”. 🙂

    hope your kiddo is well soon!

  2. Awesome layout. Yellow and black, so pretty. I hope Dan feels better.

  3. OK I thought baby album and envisioned hues of pale pinks and blues! You ROCKED it with the black and YELLOW!! LOVE IT!! I hope Dan feels better soon.

  4. Carrie…you really rocked this layout. The black and yellow are beautiful together.

  5. Love this one girl!

    And I tagged you on my blog!!!

  6. What an adorable page! So cute – and what a creative twist on the color scheme for a baby page – I love it!!!

  7. Aren’t you a cute little thing? And we know all about cowlicks in this house. 😉

    I’m TOTALLY digging yellow these days, too! I’m stocking up on yellow thickers and yellow ribbons and whatever other yellow I can get my hands on here in Podunkville. 😉 I figure it’s the need for sunshine in the middle of this gray, yucky, cold winter.

  8. Look at cutie cute YOU Carrie! 😀 I ADORE your layout. That yellow & black is so striking!


  9. Awesome – love that you didn’t use pink!

  10. Such a cute LO Carrie!

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