i love my pup.

this little girl was my buddy today. well, she’s my buddy every day but today was one of those days when she was my best little buddy. yeah, it was one of those days where i needed to get some things off my chest and talk out loud to a listening ear without any conversation going on from someone else who could talk. it was one of those days i loaded her up in my dirty brown jeep; along with a sonic route 44 diet dr. pepper with extra ice and a big mac, and took a nice long ride in the country. i know she’s just a smelly little overweight dog, but she’s the best little buddy ever on a day like today. really she is. she gave me this happy little face no matter what i said. she happily looked out the window and just listened to me talk out loud about things she could give a rat’s patoot about. she’s a good secret keeper too. yep, the best buddy ever!

the picture is a little blurry. that’s simply because i was aiming the camera at her cute little mug as i asked her “mags, wanna go on a road trip?” she looked at me with the “really? can i?!!” face and then whirled around and ran to the door just as i clicked.


🙂 carrie


14 responses to “i love my pup.

  1. reneemorrisdezember

    What a cutie!!!

  2. Okay that lil cutie is just soooo awwwwe .. love that photo and the innocent look is working me over to get a puppy lol..

    Happy Tuesday

  3. Miss Maggie is a cutie! I feel the same way about my old dog too! Wouldn’t trade them for nothing would we?

  4. what a cutie!!!

  5. This is just priceless….both the picture and the story! Aren’t dogs just the best friends ever? I love my two – even when they are naughty and get in the trash, poop on the floor, chew up underwear, etc. They are great listeners and love me no matter what!
    Thanks for sharing your day with Maggie!!

  6. Right there with ya! LOVE our dog!!

  7. Awwwww! What a sweet, sweet face!
    There’s nothing like the loyal love of a good pup!

  8. I think you have the journaling and picture for a great scrapbook page 🙂 So glad your buddy was there for you when you needed her today. Hugs to you, Carrie

  9. Love your pup!
    What a sweetie!

  10. awwwww Miss Mags!We luv this puppy! Did she get her treat from Sonic too? She IS your loyal friend who loves you to the end!!!! Glad you had her today to take a drive with and talk and talk and talk. Girls need days like that!
    I love yo sis! Thanks for sharing your day and the picture of Maggie!

  11. I LOVE your puppy!I’m so glad you had her today Carrie…I’m SO sorry. Sending you huge hugs girl! 😀

    Love ya!

  12. Mr.Carrie is me

    I listen too !!?

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