i love catching up.

i love catching up with special friends.
juliana called me tonight.
i think i talked her ear off. 🙂
we met through CMK last year.
we were able to meet up at CHA in Chicago last summer.
isn’t she beautiful?
her personality matches her beauty 100 times over.
and her talent is top notch amazing!
i am a better person for knowing her and having her in my life.
love you my friend! i can’t wait til we meet up to shop and scrapbook together!



i also love catching up on scrapping favorite pictures/stories to tell. i’m working steadily on favorite pictures of dan and dave when they were little. i’m the type of scrapbooker whose albums basically consist of vacation albums, month at a glance albums, and albums that are full of favorite pictures. those favorite pictures are split up into different albums such as favorites of daniel, favorites of david, favorites of us (the 4 of us), favorites of dan and kate (i started that when they got engaged) and favorites of our family (extended family). Clear as mud right? 🙂 If you have any specific questions about my little system, give me a holler and I’ll email you more details.

here’s a layout of daniel. i did it for last weeks dt sketch over at triple the sketch.


i did a page 2 that is solid journaling telling the story behind the picture. i’m big on story telling what the picture is all about. some picture don’t have a specific story of course. others do.

this picture is so much more than daniel holding a cookie. before my inlaws moved out of town, we use to spend every sunday lunch with them. after lunch we would walk down to the grocery store on our way to the nursing home to visit ed’s granny. we would each pick out our favorite candy bar or favorite cookie at the deli. we’d also pick out one for granny. we’d walk the rest of the way over to the nursing home and let the boys give granny her candy bar or cookie. i know daniel remembers doing this. i wanted to scrapbook the picture and tell the story so he or i can share that special memory with his own children some day; and for me to continue enjoying the memory by having it in this form. i am hoping to find a picture of granny in the nursing home and attach it to my page 2 of journaling.

LOVE catching up!     🙂 carrie


11 responses to “i love catching up.

  1. I love that picture of you two holding BLING!

  2. Great pics! I love all that bling! 🙂

  3. What a great page, Carrie! And it becomes all the more special when you know the story behind it. Love the design. Think only you could make that cookie monster look so good on this page.
    Love the photo share with Juliana, too. I’m so glad I got to meet you both at CHA last summer.

  4. Anabelle O'Malley

    I love the page. And yes, the story behind it makes it so special. 🙂 Beautiful!

  5. Oh Carrie! This was such a sweet, sweet post my friend! Love it!

  6. YAY for catching up and I just love the little Cookie Monster on your lo!

  7. How fun to meet online friends in real life! What great connections we can make through scrapbooking!
    Love your layout, too, Carrie!

  8. Love your layout Carrie! How fun that you and Juliana were able to meet. She is a sweetie.

  9. i just saw your houndstooth below! WOW! i love it and totally jealous. it’s gorgeous, how are you doing with the whole thing? i remember you saying you had a hard time w/ renovations.

    u and juliana are so cute! i recognized you guys right away

  10. You are truly the sweetest!
    And you did NOT talk my ear off! We actually need to do that talking business more often!!!

  11. What a SWEET post! You girls are darling!

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