my little organizational buddies.

cute little notepads have been something i haven’t been able to resist since i was a little girl. just ask my mom and my sisters. from the ages of about 6-14 every extra cent i had went to pretty stationery and fun notepads to write on. (oh and mega amount of bubble gum for a penny!) 🙂

it’s much the same all these years later. i have to budget my moola better of course, but i still can’t resist all the gorgeous scrapbook paper and little notepads.

these 2 little notepads are my organizational “bibles” if you will. i have anything and everything in these little cuties. wedding plans and deadlines. remodeling plans and deadlines. scrapbook plans and deadlines. my daily to do lists. i know, i know, it’s 2009 and its the age of Blackberrys and Palms and Calendars on the laptop and such. nope, not for me. i tried that route and it just doesn’t work for me. writing it down in my own handwriting, with my favorite fine point pen in one of these adorable little books works best for me.


take a look at the larger notebook. what do you see? really, i’m not trying to be a smart butt….i’m curious. katelyn thought they were cupcakes. okay i suppose they kinda look like cupcakes. one of my scrappy friends instantly saw the little blue guy in the bottom row and saw a chubby person bending over. 🙂 i see funky little owls, which i’m pretty sure is correct. hee-hee!

that’s all i have today……… we have a low key weekend planned with more remodeling projects, scrapping for me and hopefully going out for dinner and a movie. 🙂          …..Carrie


11 responses to “my little organizational buddies.

  1. cute little notebooks! Question: sister, how do you keep your things straight even when writing them down? I make my lists, deadlines,etc – and still doesn’t work — I tend to lay the notebook aside or have it in a different purse,on and on an on! 🙂 I need organizational help! 🙂
    I do have a list started for the wedding reception food/cake/flowers…… give people information on nearby hotels for the weekend – so i guess I’m a little organized!!!
    I love your blog – keep it up!
    I love you too!!!!

  2. I am with you sister. I prefer paper as well. I am also a note sender…you know actual REAL mail. Seems so old fashion but who doesn’t love something other then junk or bills in the mail box?

  3. I love office supplies as well so you can imagine me walking through scrapbooking stores!!! OMW!

    I love your little notebooks!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi again Carrie – did you make your little notebooks or find them w/ the cute fronts on them at a store? Cute! (I like writing things down rather than on a computer too!)

  5. Hi Miss Carrie. Fellow Mom of a college student. I adore you!

    I LOVE your notebooks!!!!!!!!!!
    I want one! I want one!

  6. Those are adorable, Carrie!!!

  7. I love litte, cute notebooks, too. I have so many. I still write everything down..and I like crossing it out!
    My next little thing will be to decorate my own 🙂
    I love pens, too.

  8. I’m a list maker and note taker, too. I don’t like technological calendars, either. I have mine sitting on my desk so I can look at it all the time. Oh, and I see owls!

  9. I love your notebooks, Carrie! I see owls! =)

  10. I see owls too. But I can totally understand seeing cupcakes too. Either way they are cute!

    You are right about your love of pretty paper since you were little. I remember the bottom drawer of your dresser FULL of cute paper/pens/stationary! So YOU today!!

  11. LOL! How funny about the person bending over comment. I can see it! I personally saw both the cupcakes and the owls when I looked at it. I said right away they were owls, but that they looked like cupcakes, too. SO cute. And I agree with you…..I am an old fashioned girl. I don’t have a lot of notebooks, but I do have loose sheets all over the place. The electronic stuff doesn’t really work for me, either.

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