some days its the little things that touch me in big ways. things that mean little to the other person involved but leave me really really grateful. like this today:


this is my neighbor boy. a senior in high school. i think he had a snow day today.
i was out shoveling my porch and sidewalk.
the carpet/tile guy was coming soon to measure the floors.
i didn’t want the carpet guy to drag 4 inches of snow in with him.
i looked up from my shoveling to see my neighbor boy coming over.
he came over with the snowblower.
he offered to snowblow my entire driveway.
he didn’t know i woke up with a migraine.
he didn’t know i’ve had lower back pain for 3 months.
he didn’t know i had surgery 2 months ago.
he didn’t know shoveling snow was something i shouldn’t be doing yet.
he didn’t know the carpet/tile guy was coming.
he refused the $20 i tried to give him when he finished.
he helped just because. really! just because!
his simple act of genuine kindness touched me in a big way today.
it left me really grateful.
not only for a clean driveway, which is nice.
but it also left me grateful for everyday moments.
moments that i sometimes take for granted and forget to be grateful for; or moments i overlook without seeing the beauty of the moment.

and speaking of everyday moments…..
i totally didn’t plan to post this layout here today, but it’s another example of a sweet everyday  moment from 1991 that continues to mean the world to me. isn’t dave precious? this is one of my absolute favorite everyday moment pictures of him. i did this layout for a journaling challenge over at CMK.

my journaling reads:
“this is the good stuff.
i absolutely adore this moment
when you were playing in front of the
little bird mirror that grandma had.
i captured on film one of those
amazing genuine everyday life moments
that could never be planned, posed
or anticipated. i love you”



yep, i’m a true believer that its those small everyday things in my life that truly are big, big things in my heart.


13 responses to “grateful.

  1. What a great kid! You are fortunate to have such lovely neighbors (and a pretty snow!).

  2. what a sweet neighbor you have!!!

  3. So well said. Life is full of little moments that makes our heart swell!

  4. Oh Carrie! This brings tears to my eyes! Those amazing every day moments — how awesome to remember them and take note of how much they mean!!
    I think God sent your neighbor boy to do your drive today — he didn’t know you had a migraine,shouldn’t be shoveling,….. but God did, and he provided for you! Gives me chills!
    And the layout of little Dave , how sweet! That little innocent face just playing looking at himself — how precious is that! And cool that you captured the every day life moment !!!
    Thanks for another great blog!!
    Love you & Hope your migraine is gone!

  5. What a sweet post, Carrie! Your neighbor boy certainly did just show a complete and total act of random kindness. I love hearing stories like these. And what a beautiful page. I am SO in love with how you did the journaling on here. Just wonderful!

  6. So funny you posted this Carrie….I was planning on doing a blog post this evening with a photo I took of my hubby doing this very same thing for an older neighbor who has cancer. I was out taking photos of the snow and I saw him snowblowing over at their house. Totally touched me and it was a reminder of just why I love him. 🙂

    Love your lo also!!

  7. What a wonderful story…so good to know that there are genuine good hearted people in the world!

    Love that LO too! I am so lovin’ your style girl!

    And yes, sometime this year we are going to get together! I would love to come and go scrappy shopping with you!
    But let’s wait until the snow & ice business is gone! LOL!!!

  8. How sweet of him to do that! I loved reading that story. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a snowblower.
    Beautiful layout!

  9. Carrie! Thank you for sharing your sweet story!

    Your layout inspiration is amazing. You’re so good with your details & design!
    Hugs to you!

  10. Wow Carrie! That was sweet of your neighbor and I LOVE that you shared this with us 🙂

    Your LO ROCKS my WORLD, btw!! The pic is adorable and the journalling is so sweet. TY for inspiring me 🙂

  11. Loooove your gorgeous LO, carrie! And such a sweet sweet photo! How very kind of your neighbor to do that for you! Definitely something that warms the heart, and I always think it’s especially nice to see those kinds of gestures from kids!

  12. That is just very, very cool. No coincidence there…just God taking care of you. Like you’re the only one in His world. 🙂 How cool is that???

  13. So grateful that God sent that boy to do your driveway. Like Cindy said, the neighbor didn’t know you shouldn’t be shoveling, but GOD did and He took care of you!

    LOVE this layout of Dave. Oh my gosh, I just love that kid!!!!!

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