note to self.

this is important to me.
this little note i’ve written to myself.
i started taking pictures when i was 8.
i have a passion about looking at my pictures.
whether they are on a scrapbook page or in a photo album;
they are a part of me and my life experiences.
i must have them in my life.

so yeah, note to self…..
never stop taking pictures!!!



(please forgive the semi blurry edges of the layout phot0…..i love living among the trees, but that sometimes hinders getting a great indoor shot) i did this layout using sketch #41 over at triple the sketch blog.

off to take some pictures. :)……….carrie


12 responses to “note to self.

  1. What a beautiful layout Carrie!

  2. What a great reminder, Carrie!! Beautiful layout!

  3. Ditto! They will have to pry my fingers from my cold, dead hands to get me to stop. 😉

  4. This is a fun layout, Carrie! Is that a Studio Calico camera stamp?

  5. love this photo!
    This is really something I need to do more of. Everyday photos.

  6. reneemorrisdezember

    Carrie this LO is amazing!!! LOVE it!!! I plan on doing more LOs this year of me too 🙂

  7. Carrie , this is an awesome layout – and a great “note to self”! 🙂 You have always been into taking pictures – rememer the little frog and rocks in Canada? so cute!!! and the the kittens in the country? 🙂 Pictures make you happy and thank you for taking so many – since I’ve not been good at all over the years -i wouldn’t have any if not for you and Julie! Thanks!

  8. I love taking photos, too, Carrie, and looking at them. I can remember things so much better if I have a photo of it! LOL!
    Love your layout– great mix of pp!!

  9. Wonderful layout, Carrie. I love the rubons on the bottom. 🙂

  10. great page Carrie!!!!

  11. How fabulous! What a great note to self, great photos and great page! Love it all!

  12. Woo hoo!! LOVE this amazing page girl!
    Love your note…you are so cute!

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