i hope so, or it means i’m now decorating dave’s room with old toilets and new sinks.



yep – we’re in the construction mode of remodeling our masterbath. we’re also remodeling the boys bathroom right after that. i’ll share a little secret about myself that only my family knows…i HATE the construction part of remodeling. i mean i really, really dislike it with a passion. it gets me crazy and all out of sorts and nervous and just unsettled. i will say, however, after being a homeowner for 26 years, i have gotten a little better at just holding my breath through it and keeping my mouth shut and pretending it’ll all be over soon. i love the visionary part of remodeling; planning, picking out products, and decorating after completion. but during the icky, loud ripping out, tearing out, ugly parts of remodeling i just get all whacked out inside myself.

sorry dave …… your room is the perfect place to spread out and use as storage during the remodel process. i promise i’ll put it back together when the bathrooms are all beautiful and gorgeous and fresh and new. i promise you won’t have to come home for a weekend and sleep next to the old toilet. 🙂

for some fun scrappy news, ed teased me about not seeing his mug on some of my recent layouts. i did this layout for this week’s challenge over at random chaos. the challenge is to use black and white photos, ribbon, and blue in the design. i grabbed black and white baby pictures of ed and i (no more whining about not being in my layouts ed!). janelle gives fun challenges every week – i hope you go over and play along!



you might be seeing more and more scrappy goodness posted in the next couple weeks. my scrapbook room is all cleaned and organized and a place i can escape during all the icky construction. 🙂




9 responses to “remodeling?

  1. Adorable layout Carrie! I love the black and white photos – you’re both so cute! And I do like the additions of blue and the brown background – cool!
    Oooooh the process of remodeling ! I know the feeling – its been awhile for us – but we have 2 baths that are in desperate need too – the ceilings actually,which means mess mess mess!
    But the finished products are always nice!
    See ya sis – great job on this blog! I love it!

  2. Wonderful lo Carrie! Remodeling is not the most fun until it is done and you get to sit back and enjoy how nice it all turned out!

  3. Maybe Dave can use the old toilet as a desk? Good luck and try not to hold your breath for too long.

  4. Hang in there, Carrie! At least you’ll have a fabulous new space at the end of it all.
    Looooooove your RC page this week. So cool to use those baby pics of your two and I love the artsy look to your page. Those frames look amazing.

  5. I LOVE your layout, Carrie! Those frames are awesome! I totally know what you mean, our house has been in disarray for about 5 years now as we work on each room. Ick! Right now it’s the hallway, stairs and living room being painted and preparing for carpet. I’m ready for the new, but boy it is a long painful process! LOL

  6. Love your LO… the frames are so nice!

  7. just lovin’ what you did with those frames.
    mine are still sitting staring at me. i am glad to see
    the remodeling is going well. i was thinking of you the other day when we were talking about painting our bedroom etc. hang in there! just think, lots of time to spend in your scrap room. i had to laugh at picturing your son next to the toilet asleep.

  8. Hang in there sister! Soon you will have two beautiful new rooms!! As you know we finished our bathroom remodel last month…and I LOVE it!!!! Makes all the messy, noisy, having strange men in your house for weeks totally worth it!!

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