my day and other random stuff.

this is what i did today. all day. and i’m still not done. 🙂


isn’t my life over the top exciting? 🙂 i actually do LOVE my dyson sweeper. i love to sweep. i do alot of my best thinking, planning and brainstorming when i sweep. so today was/is the deep cleaning, sweep under all the furniture kind of sweeping. gosh it feels great!

i’m also knee deep in cleaning bathrooms. NOT a chore i particularly like. give me sweeping for hours anyday.



i know…… day couldn’t get any more exciting huh? 🙂

on to other random stuff around here – i walk by this fun creation everyday….like 100 times a day. it hangs in my foyer. for some reason today i noticed it more than other days. and loved it all over again.


my niece, krissy and i made it. made it, as in dropped buttons onto a glue covered surface inside the frame. we both have wonderful qualities and strengths but being mechanical or handy with tools and such we are not! 🙂 so being the handy girls (not) that we are, we first used monkey glue that we found in the basement workroom. the bottle DID say it was the strongest glue ever. of course i picked it up and used it. who wouldn’t want the strongest glue ever right? um…wrong. monkey glue, for those girls like me who aren’t privy to what the heck monkey glue really is, when applied begins to foam up and get all bubbly and well….foamy. oh well heck! our beautiful creation of buttons suddenly turned into a disaster of foamy oozing buttons! eeewwww!!!!! luckily i have thousands of buttons so we hurried (well actually ed saved the day and did it for us) and scraped off the foamy gross buttons and we tried it again. i don’t even remember what kind of glue we ended up using but this is the result. i especially love the way the buttons are just tossed in the frame and aren’t perfectly placed. it was the exact look i was hoping for when i thought of the idea.

and then there are these older scrappy magazines i’m weeding through. there are FOUR stacks just like this one. i’m going through them page by page to decide which ones to keep and which to toss. i’ll decide i can’t live without some and others can go away. this is part of organizing my scrapbook room. this will take a couple months to accomplish, but going back into my scrapbook room until sufficiently purged they are not. 🙂


that’s about all the excitement i have for today. just stuff. a little glimpse into “me” today. saying prayers for my good friend marilyn who is in the hospital with pneumonia. praying the meds and IVs she is on kicks butt and soon!

back to my regularly scheduled sweeping……later……carrie 🙂


7 responses to “my day and other random stuff.

  1. What a cool button design! I agree it’s cool how they just landed!!!

  2. Hi Carrie! I LOVE this button creation too – and I remember you and Krissy telling us all about your glue troubles – you two are hilarious together! I am not mechanically inclined either – sometimes I can be handy,but always use the right tools Bud has for the job! He laughs sometimes at HOW I get a job accomplished. 🙂 Well, thanks for the look into your life today — could you come scrub my floors now? 🙂
    Love you sis – and am praying for Marilyn too!
    – Cindy

  3. I sooooo need to be doing what you are doing!
    Cleaning that is!
    But tomorrow is another day right?

    Love that frame o’ buttons! How fab!!!

  4. Your day sounds about as exciting as mine! 😉 LOVE your button creation. It’s great that you made it with your neice!

  5. My vaccuum cleaner has been giving me problems lately– yours looks cool.
    Love your framed buttons– so nice that it’s a shared project with you and your niece– makes it even more special!

  6. That button piece is sooo cool, carrie! And how fun that you made it with your niece – what a fun memory! I love my dyson, too – it actually makes vacuuming *sort of* fun 😉

  7. Not very glamorous, but some days are just like that, right?? Doesn’t it seem like you are doing all that constantly? Every time I turn around, something needs cleaning. Wish it could just stay clean for a moment.
    Loved your button frame story. So cool that you made it with your niece. I can just picture you two and that foamy mess! But even with the temporary set-backs, it turned out great.

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