happy birthday kris!!!

happy 22nd birthday to my niece krissy.

krissy, i clearly remember the day you were born. i remember getting the phone call that my sis had another baby girl. i danced around the little tiny kitchen in our little tiny green house we lived in at the time.

i loved you unconditionally 22 years ago, i’ve loved you unconditionally for 22 years. i will continue to love you unconditionally forever. i’m so proud of you. you are my hero!



i hope you’re having a wonderful special day!!! hugs and kisses girl!!! aunt car


8 responses to “happy birthday kris!!!

  1. Absolutely the greatest blog yet Carrie! I love you and thanks for posting this great picture of Krissy! She is beautiful – inside and out – she’s amazing and free to live a wonderful life !:)
    Love you baby girl – Happy Birthday from your momma too! 🙂

  2. Carrie,
    This is so precious! I remember that day too. I had just moved to Chicago 3 months before Krissy was born. I got a phone call on a cold January day and was so happy that our family had a new baby girl….and so sad that I was 4 hours away and couldn’t go visit right away.

    I love you. I’m proud of you. And I wish you the best birthday ever!!! You are a strong, Christian woman – may God bless you today!!

  3. Happy birthday to Krissy! So happy you have her in your life as she obviously brings you much love and joy!
    Your page is absolutely gorgeous. What a stunning design.

  4. Happy Birthday pretty neice .. and OMGosh look at that layout .. girl you stay fabulous .. I love it all .. the colors and everything are just so fabulous ..

    you have an eye for color I tell ya .. . or heck just design period hee hee


    You are so beautiful and fantastic, Aunt Carrie. God could not have given me a better role model than you! I love you very much and pray that you and I will ALWAYS walk together in truth and freedom!

  6. Happy Birthday, Krissy!

  7. What a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday to Krissy! Your page is wonderful.

  8. Happy Birthday Krissy!!!! And you rocked that calendar paper!

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