second semester freshman.

today was ‘moving back to college’ day for dave. he had a month off between semesters. moving day this semester was a bit different than last semester’s move in day. for starters we didn’t go with him. last semester, as a new freshman, moving day was full of unknowns and new faces and new surroundings. for me personally it was a day of excitement that i felt for dave, and a big ole’ day of knowing the true meaning of letting go. i seriously never knew it was possible to have every known emotion run through my head and heart all at one time. note to self #1…..that is what a mother letting go feels like.

note to self #2…..letting go doesn’t kill you (regardless of how you feel the first month or so of the process! :)) you know how mothers say the pain of childbirth fades after they experience the  joy of holding and caring for their newborn babies? i relate that thought to how it has been for me in this letting go process.

how you ask? easy. easy when i see dave loving every second of his college experience. he is thriving there. he has made amazing friends that he missed terribly when he was away from them. he’s excited about learning. he’s loving the independence. he’s happy. so yeah – when i see how GOOD this transition of life is for him, the letting go pains that i felt have indeed faded. oh yes i remember them. very well. do i miss him when he’s not home? heck yes! terribly. but it’s not what i would call pain anymore. why? because i know he is good and okay and he is really really happy.

so in honor of my sweet second semester freshman, i’ll share some fun pictures of him. if you’re reading this dave….i love you so much. i miss you so darn much but i couldn’t be happier that you are truly happy and that God has given you a wonderful second home at Grace College with amazing friends and professors. have fun sweetie!


above photo: dave today. packed car and ready to head out.


above photo: dave last summer. first day of first semester.


this is dave at his kindergarten graduation. this was my dt work last week for triple the sketch blog.

until next time.  xox


10 responses to “second semester freshman.

  1. Awww, what a neat post and I just LOVE the layout you did of him when he was little! 🙂 That owl is too cute!

  2. I truly am glad that the pain of Dave going to college is gone….that helps ME to know that when it is my turn in 2 & 1/2 short years, I will make it too and have my two sisters to help me!

    It is so obvious that Dave loves Grace and that makes me happy. He is where God wants him to be right now….both physically and spiritually. It is so very evident when spending time with him.

    I have a friend, a mom I met through our sons playing soccer together. We don’t see each other often now since Michael isn’t playing soccer but every time we see each other she gives a big hug and says “YOU ARE A GOOD MOM!” It kind of started out as a joke as we were sitting in rainy, sometimes snowy weather watching soccer but it’s true. We are good moms and I thank God for that simple truth and for a friend who reminds me of it! So girls, give yourselves a hug and say I AM A GOOD MOM!!

  3. Ack, you always have a way of bringing the tears to my eyes, carrie! Your post was so thought provoking to read, b/c although my kids are little, I still relate so much to what you were saying. I think your words can relate to any stage of parenting, really – I think we’re always living that challenge, that fine line of supporting them, guiding them and teaching them without overstepping our boundaries and allowing them to be indepent. Your sweet dave is so lucky to have such an amazing momma!! Gorgeous layout, too!!

  4. Hi sis!I love this pic of Dave- 2nd semester freshman. He looks so content and ready to ge back to his new college life – I love that he is well adjusted and making friends and growing. He is sweet, loving, kind,mature – and fun and ornary – he’s Dave! (If you’re reading this Dave, I love you too! and are proud of you!)
    Julie – you WILL feel the pain Carrie mentioned ,but take heart in reading this blog where she tells the way she feels now. We’ll be here for you! that’s for sure!
    All moms out there —– give yourself a pat and remind yourself you ARE a good mom! Do you(we) do everything right, have no regrets??no – but we are doing the best we know how – loving our precious kids , at all ages and we are good moms!
    Carrie – do love the layout of Dave’s kindergarten graduation – so sweet!!
    here’s to you dear sister – looks like you’ve made it! – state #????????? of letting go – and being ok! more than ok – happy for your son!
    Love you!

  5. I love your photos too and what a sweet story to share. I know I have a little bit to go before A goes off to college, but your sharing helps me see it isn’t too bad!

    I love your layout as well, of course I just love your work period! 🙂

  6. oh, this post makes me sad….but I know it’s the way it should be. he sure has that college look!!

  7. Wow, this comparison just shows how time flies! Love your photo and your layout!

  8. What a beautiful post, Carrie. What a wonderful son you have. I can only hope that when my time comes to ‘let go’ I’ll do it with as much grace as you have.

  9. Carrie this was very moving 🙂 You are the best mom ever! Great photos and super cute LO…tfs

  10. I remember those days, so long ago…You are such a sweet mom.
    Awesome photos and layout.

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