take good care of you.

in the busy day to day “stuff” of life, don’t forget to take good care of you. i’m not talking about getting nails done, getting the hair done, getting away for a weekend, or having a facial; although all that sounds wonderful!  i’m talking about taking good care of you on a deeper level. the not so fun stuff that we girls have to do.

the prevention stuff is what i’m talking about. the yearly appointments, the good old mammograms every year (or every 5 years for my younger friends :)), the cholesterol checks, the routine exercise to ward off the diseases we don’t want but we will get if we don’t take good care of ourselves, the good sleeping habits….you know, all those preventative things. there are so many things i can’t control regarding my health and circumstances, i figure i need to take good care of those things i can control.

thats what i’m all about this month. i’m getting all those unpleasant appointments and tests taken care of. i’m still staying up late because i’m a natural night owl, but i’m making an honest effort to get more sleep. i’m getting the regular exercise in. not to be a size 4, but to be a healthy 46 year old so i can carry on each day with strength and stamina.

just a loving reminder to all of you who i love dearly…..take good care of you. i love you and want us to grow old together.

remember my favorite photo that i posted a few days ago? remember me saying how those 2 little faces were the reason that i got on the right track and got my head and heart in the right place?

here are those same 2 faces today. 16 years later. oh sure they don’t need me the same way they needed me when they were 6 and 3. i wouldn’t want them to need me the same way since they are now 22 and 18 (almost 19). if they did that would mean i missed a major step in the parenting process during the last 16 years. it’s a positive thing that they need me differently now.




i am convinced, however, that they do still need me. they need me to be supportive. they need me to believe in them, trust them, and let them make their own decisions as adults. they need me to quietly and continually pray for them and their futures. they need me to take good care of me so that i am here for their futures. i’m talking weddings and grandbabies and such. 🙂

so i take good care of me. for their benefit. for my benefit. and because i’m taking good care of the “me” that God has seen fit to give.


10 responses to “take good care of you.

  1. Wonderful post. At 43, I think I’m on the same page as you in regards to really taking care of myself. I just did all my yearly stuff this fall. LOVE your layout. It’s just breathtaking. Your boys (men!) are so handsome. And that scrap of fabric on there is jsut the perfect touch.

  2. What a wonderful post today, Carrie! I can tell that we are about the same age, because I am in the same mental place as you. I think I know where you’re coming from…I’ve had a few medical “scares” these last couple of years that have really opened up my eyes. Feels like you get to a certain age, and you honestly just start changing. I have learned, too, to make sure I keep up with my appointments and have found myself some good doctors. This is also my month for all my check ups.
    You have a wonderful attitude! I am so glad that you’ve started blogging.
    And by the way, your page is gorgeous! Just SO striking! I love the stitched piece!

  3. sue s ellsworth

    kerri – i had lost contact with you – so glad to find your blog
    also miss seeing you out and about

  4. Loved reading your thoughts, carrie – you’re so wise! Your work is absolutely gorgeous, as always!! And it looks like you’re already a pro at this blogging thing! 🙂

  5. I love this post Carrie! Every word of it!

  6. Hi Carrie – I love the layout you did of Dan and Dave – it’s great! They’re all grown up – ready to face life – and they are blessed to have you as their mom(and Ed,as their Dad too!). They know they’re loved and you’re always there for them.
    Thanks for the reminder to take of “me”. I havent done well at that these 48 yrs – it’s time I focus on my future – as mother-in-law to my future son-in-laws and grandmother tomy future grandchildren , and continue to be mom and wife , sister ,daughter, friend to my dearest people in my life. I lose sight of that in the sometimes day to day and also difficult times.
    why is it sometimes we put ourselves – our own care last when it really does need to be first so we CAN be there and strong for those we love?
    Thanks again for the reminder!
    I love you sis!

  7. I love the fabric. Wonderful projects

  8. Renee' Morris-Dezember

    Super LO 🙂
    …and great message…I know that I should be doing a better job myself…taking care of myself that is…but with little ones…its easy to give them everything you have and then there’s nothing left for me.

  9. Thanks for the reminder Carrie to take care of ourselves. I do not make “new years resolutions”…..so my goal and promise to myself this year is to learn to take care of me better than I have so far.

  10. I love this page !

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