fun scrappy stuff.

i have alot of fun scrappy stuff going on right now.
i did this little winter card for my dt work over at triple the sketch.  check out the site. there are new things added each week. the other girls over there always inspire me so much!sketch-39-carrie-scallop-card1.


i did this fun layout for my dt work over at random chaos this week. janelle gave the team a nice holiday break and now we’re back into creating each week. i really missed it. i absolutely love janelle’s weekly challenges. love the specific details; they always get my creative juices going. pop over to the site and play along with the challenges. there is a new one posted every monday.

in other scrappy news, i’m working on some fun things for cmk that i can share by the end of the week. i’m having so much fun working with all the goodies from the january kit! lisa sure knows how to put together great kits.

i experienced a first tonight when i opened my email and found 3 emails from scrapbooktrends magazine requesting 3 different things for their june issue. i’ve periodically had layouts picked up, but never 3 at once! i will admit i was jumping around like a crazy lady when i saw the emails. my good friends know that i’ve had quite a dry spell in the submitting/publishing department this past year. i had a little (okay big) woodshed meeting with myself a few months ago about keeping things in perspective as far as my scrappy life goes.  my woodshed meetings with myself normally consists of me having a little pity party, followed by me getting real with myself and recognizing my need to buck up and stop sweating the small UNimportant things in life. a couple months after my last woodshed meeting,  around thanksgiving time, i experienced some “out of the blue” health things that scared the bageebies out of me; it was quite the lightbulb moment for me. among other things of course, i knew i was putting way too much importance on getting published. quite frankly it all seemed absolutely silly to me how much i truly had given it such importance in my life! by importance i mean the way i was telling myself i wasn’t worthy if i didn’t get published. now seriously, that is embarrassing to type. but it’s true. crazy stuff for sure!  the true test was trying out for a great design team last month. this was a design team that would be an absolute dream to be on. i didn’t make the team, and the coolest thing EVER was that i really honestly was 100% absolutely cool with not making the team. there wasn’t even an ounce within me that felt disappointment. talk about a totally free feeling! that let me know i truly do have my head in the right place. i finally know i’m finally not fooling myself by telling myself my worth is wrapped up in getting pubbed or getting on a dt. i’m finally 100% cool with, and am content with myself if i get pubbed or not. today’s emails were the fun icing on the cake. i like icing alot. but i’m also a big fan of my cake without the icing sometimes too. so i’ll take today’s icing and enjoy it and leap with joy and dance around all crazy happy. AND i’ll also enjoy the days when there isn’t icing added on my cake. it’s just icing right? right! and the woodshed meetings (for scrappy stuff at least) won’t be necessary anymore thank goodness.


11 responses to “fun scrappy stuff.

  1. Congrats on your pubs!!! Woohooo 🙂 I love icing too!!

    Love the Chicago pics and I am so jealous that you got to see Wicked!!!

    You’re doing great on keeping up on your blog posts!! awesome job….I find it very difficult to keep mine updated 😦

  2. Great post about the important things, Carrie!

    Love that photo in your Colorado layout!! You have such a clean beautiful style!

  3. Are you submitting to CK’s 4 x 6 call? Hmmmmmmm??? Love that Colorado layout. And yes, keep it all in perspective. 🙂

  4. Hey Carrie – whoo hoo!! The icing on your cake is lime green I believe !:) I’m so proud of you – and the layouts are all so great! One of my favs is of Grandma Von and our 3 little ones – she loved family – makes me miss her! 🙂
    I’m thoroughly loving that you enjoy your cake w/o icing too!! Your worth is NOT in being published – or whatever else we all put on ourselves in this life! Yay! You are seeing and feeling you are wonderful just by being you! 🙂
    Love you – congrats again – and I love the blog!!!

  5. ♥♥♥ these Carrie, you are so amazing my friend, honors well-deserved for sure!!!

    hugs & so much love!

  6. Great projects!!!!! We all have those “woodshed” moments! So your very much in good company! 🙂 🙂 Congrats on the 3 things!!!!

  7. congrats!! Your layouts always inspire me 🙂

  8. Congrats Carrie! Not just on the pubs (which is totally awesome and so well deserved!!!) but also on how you are handling the stress of this scrappy world. I know from my own experience it is very difficult to be able let go and not sweat the “small stuff”, but it can be done!!! Hugs my friend!!!

  9. good for you, Carrie! I am SO happy for you to have found yourself in a wonderful place mentally. I can completely relate to everything you have said…….completely. And I’m really ok with everything myself right now. Isn’t it awesome! 😉
    And congrats on the 3 pub requests! Very coolio!

  10. Great work, Carrie!
    Congratulations again on the pubs!!

  11. Isnt that the truth, I agree with everything you said 100%, I did a post a week ago or week before that titled “In this Industry” and that is why I was 100% okay with not making CMK dt despite what was said about me, which was hurtful, but what can you do…I totally get it girl .. and the funny thing is .. I have a career, but you know what .. it is cool to see your name in a magazine with your work, and it is okay to want that, but like you said, life is not over if you are not right .. I love your work too .. and thanks for stopping by my blog boo ..

    Happy Tuesday ..

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