my weekend in chicago. pictures galore!


this past weekend i went to downtown chicago with ed, my son dave, my sis cindy, brother in law bud, niece candi and her fiance’ jared, my sis julie, brother in law tony and niece danielle. here’s a little glimpse into my chicago weekend memories. it was a great chance to practice using my camera!


above photo: the least favorite part of my weekend was being on the 33rd floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. i’m not a fan of staying in a room that far up. i would prefer my exit choice to be closer to the ground. however it did provide me great shots like this one. can you believe this was taken from behind a window 33 stories up? pretty darn good camera i would say! and by the way, this is north wacker street – the street in batman the dark knight. this exact intersection and bridge. cool!


above photo: this photo was also taken from behind a window 33 stories up.  i used my zoom. this is navy pier in the winter. well 1/2 of it. the other 1/2 is behind that building.


above photo: my niece danielle. us girls took a little break in the lobby chatting and snacking while the guys took a walk around in the blowing snow storm. we didn’t want to totally ruin our hair for our special evening out.


above photo: what can i say? giordano’s pizza – gotta have it when we go to chicago!


above photo: this is what i got from dave when i asked him to smile for the camera! thanks dave!


above photo: my niece candi and her fiance’ jared. they are so darn cute together and they are FUN! love them!


above photo: besides hanging out and being with my family, i have to say this was the highlight of my weekend. i could see this amazing musical over and over and over. in fact this was the 3rd time i’ve seen it. and yes, i still cried in the same places this time just like the other 2 times! hands down my favorite musical ever!


above photo: a great local restaurant that candi recommended. thanks can! it was so fun, unique, diverse and one of dave and my favorite parts of the weekend!


above photo: totally cool orange juicer machine at the restaurant. really really cool machine!


above photo: and because i love fun little things and because i am a scrapbooker and a lover of pictures, i had to take a shot of the fun silverware. totally going to do this at home sometime for a sit down dinner!


above photo: dave with his special flavor of juice at “Orange”. you could order your own combo of juices.


above photo: and last but not least is my favorite photo of dave from the weekend. love his curls! he’s so handsome. he’s so grown up. he’s so content with his choices as a young college man. so lovin’ this picture of him right now!

yes, i realize i’m showing no pictures of myself. let’s just say i am super picky with pictures of me. i’ll blame it on bad lighting, and snow storm hair. yeah, that’s it! 🙂



18 responses to “my weekend in chicago. pictures galore!

  1. Love all your pics!!!! Yeah, Wicked is a fav of mine too! My favorite song in it is that *Popular* one. cracks me up every time I hear it! 🙂

  2. Wow, do I ever LOVE your photos, Carrie! What a cool, cool weekend you guys had. I would love to go see Wicked. I’ve been hearing so much about it lately. I got the chance to go see A Chorus Line this weekend, which was great. I’ve got Wicked on my “must-see” list.

  3. Looks like you had a great trip!! You took some great shots with your new camera.
    I REALLY want to see Wicked, too! We went to NYC last spring and saw Phantom and Mary Poppins, which were both excellent! But we really wanted to see Wicked and we just ran out of time 😦 Maybe someday I will make it back up there or even Chicago!

  4. Love Chicago! Was Wicked at the Chicago theater? Beth and I toured that absolutley lovely building during Spring Break two years ago! Fun times with the fam in Chicago=AWESOME!

  5. Susan, WICKED was at the Oriental Theater on Randolph Street, which is right around the corner from the Chicago theater.

  6. Yay for Chicago! I saw Jersey Boys there in May! And Susan and I spent a spring break there a couple of years ago. And Gabriella lives there, and it was my home for 7 years…yada yada yada. So glad you got out of town for a few. 🙂

  7. ih! i haven’t been to chicago in years! i really enjoyed your photos!!!!

  8. Hi Carrie! It’s your sis! Yay for a great time w/ you guys in Chicago!
    WICKED was amazing – I’m so glad I got to see it with my sisters,daughter,niece and nephew! I need the soundtrack now so I can know the songs better – the story was very inspiring!
    Your pics turned out great Carrie – I of course, left home w/o a camera – I should have asked for one for Christmas – and learn how to use it. I am going to have 2 weddings in the next yr 1/2 and someday grandbabies ! I need to get on the ball here ! 🙂
    Love you!

  9. Awesome photos Carrie!

  10. So fun for you Carrie! I soooo want to go see Wicked. I have yet to see it.

  11. Looks like you had a fabulous time!!! I’ve always wanted to got to Chicago! I’m dying to see Wicked. My niece is interning with them on Broadway right now.

  12. Mr.Carrie is me

    Very nice C. I love to read your blog! I’ll pay for a photgraphy class for you when you want to go.

    Please post the lovely pixs i took of you and Cindy.

  13. i’m so jealous!! i miss chicago badly!!
    and we still need to get together!
    and your son david is adorable. 🙂
    also i LOVE your new hair!!

  14. Such cool photos! I need to visit Chicago sometime!

  15. What fun photos! My dh and I went to Chicago several years ago and went to Navy Pier and it sure looks different in the winter-time! LOL!

  16. Tis your other sis, Julie! We had so much fun last weekend!!! I have also seen Wicked three times and LOVE it….and am so sad it is leaving Chicago in less than 2 weeks.
    You took some great pics. Thanks for posting them!

  17. Love your Chicago photos!

  18. That was a fun weekend.

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