holy moly a 5-way tie! a new sassy do. my nikon.

well, no one guessed all three things right, but seriously most of you were SO close! five of you got two of the three right so i’m calling it a 5-way tie! (if i don’t have your address already, pmail me and i’ll box up a crazy fun box of goodies for you!!) and thanks for guessing everyone! that was so fun!!


and here is my ALL time favorite photo EVER! yep, i realize it’s a little grainy. that’s due to the fact that i had an inexpensive camera at the time (16 years ago) and i wasn’t a scrapbooker so i didn’t think too much of needing a better camera. this picture isn’t about the quality or clearness of the photo, it’s about the subjects of the photo and what it stirs up within me every single time i look at it. these precious little faces were my life. it was taken during a difficult private personal battle i was having within myself and these 2 little faces were my reason to wake up in the morning. these 2 little faces brought me joy and unconditional love, were the subject of me allowing myself to give them unconditional love, and they were the reason i lived part of my days rising above my private personal battle. i knew in my gut there was hope. these 2 little faces were the reason i fought that battle to win; not winning the battle was not an option….because of these 2 little faces. besides the deep meaning behind the photo, there’s also the simple fact that they’re so darn adorable and i was able to capture their true personalities in their faces when i snapped this photo. so darn cute! my 2 boys, dan and dave at the ages of 3 and 6 and i have it displayed in my family room.


i got a sassy new haircut yesterday. (shown below in it’s casual mode with the little clippy doo-hickey in it). don’t look too close or you will clearly see that i desperately am needing the ole’ highlights touched up. the color looks a bit drab at the moment. the highlights are scheduled for next week since my hairdresser didn’t have time to do it this week. i couldn’t wait til next week for a cut. i was about ready to take the scissors to my own head if i couldn’t get into my hairdresser. (who i really love by the way) that big black monster i’m standing behind is my new NIKON D80 that i got for Christmas. and yes, i know the photo is a little blurry. let’s just say i’m still on the learning curve of learning how to actually use this monster. i absolutely love it but still have so so much to learn.


have a great weekend everybody! i’m off to get a few hours shut eye before traveling to chicago for the weekend. i hope the snow storm stays away so we can go without weather issues! more on my fun weekend trip when i get back!


23 responses to “holy moly a 5-way tie! a new sassy do. my nikon.

  1. Cute hair Carrie!!

    I can see why that is your favorite photo! Congrats to all the winners!

  2. The photo is so sweet and your hair is very sassy, girl! Don’t you just love a new do? I need one!
    Have a great weekend hon!

  3. That is a GREAT photo! I believe you have my address, but just let me know if I’m wrong!
    Thanks again Carrie!


  4. Lovely favourite photo :o) And your hair is looking gorgeous! Have a great weekend xxx

  5. I like the old b&w photo too.
    The new do looks great!

  6. This is exactly the picture I was thinking of!! Just got the ages a year off. I love this picture too and can still see those cute little faces in dan and dave today!

  7. Oh, I can wait to see your new do! It looks sassy!

  8. Oops! I meant I CAN”T wait. I have having computer buttons issues this week!

  9. OH MY GOSH!!!! I did it again! I meant I AM HAVING, not have having. Oh brother.

  10. What a cute photo! Congrats to the winners. Have fun in Chicago.

  11. OH my goodness look how CUTE you are in your camera photo!! Carrie – I LOVE Your hair! 😀

    Wait..did you say you have a NEW do? LEMME see!!!! 😀

    Hugs to you sweet girl…I’m so glad to know you!

  12. from the sneakie peek of the new hair……..I LOVE IT! and um….i am drooling over the new camera……have fun learning it!! and yay! so glad to see you have a blog now!!! yippee!

  13. Awwww…what adorable little guys!!! And I love your hair!!

  14. Well, I LIKEE your new do a lot – don;t worry about the highlights. Mine need touching up too and I desperately need a cut too.

  15. love the new haircut! Super cute photo too!

  16. How exciting!! I’ve been away for most of the weekend and am just now reading this. YAY! Thanks!
    From what you showed us…your hair looks SMASHING!!! I love it! and your camera!!
    Mine is not even that fancy and I am still trying to figure everything out!

  17. Danielle Calhoun

    love the photo miss Carrie!!! totally miss chatting with you in the “forum”!!!! 🙂

  18. i love the clippy doodad! and your hair looks great!

  19. Carrie! You are just the sweetest!!!
    Thank you!!!
    I love that photo and your story behind it!
    Have you scrapped it yet?
    If not you really should
    I love your sassy new do!
    And I am jealous of your new camera!!!

  20. Awww, girl, you know I don’t need anything. I just liked the challenge. 😉 The picture, though…you aren’t kidding, those little faces are enough to melt stone. How sweet are those little guys!

    YAYYYYYY!!! A D80…we MATCH!!! We oughta get together for a class somewhere sometime, so we can both learn our new monsters together!!!!! YAY for you! That’s such an awesome gift! I do have some good books I’ve bought for that camera; let me know if you want some recommendations.

    Love the hair!

  21. Love the haircut, Carrie! And what an adorable photo! No wonder it’s your favorite!

  22. I love the picture of Dave and Dan – adorable! They still are!! 🙂
    ilove your new do also!!
    And I have a question — what did the winners win? 🙂

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