new cmk design team. my little tree. physical therapy.

these three things have absolutely nothing to do with one another. well, other than they are 3 things i’m super excited about today!

first, BIG congrats to 3 new girls who were chosen for the CMK winter-spring 09 team. check out the announcement here. welcome to the team charity, leigh and sherry! these girls have some seriously amazing creativity and talent! it’s a complete honor to work with them!

today i’m also excited about this little tree. ed just rolled his eyes when i took it out the bag to show off my 75% off find that was originally $42! i wouldn’t have paid $42 for it, but i couldn’t pass it up for $10.50!! beauty is in the eye of the beholder i suppose. it stands about 2 and a half feet. it doesn’t bother me that others think it’s puney and ugly. i love it in all it’s puney-ness. and just you wait; i will make it all pretty and funky and fun next christmas. you betcha!


and then there’s the subject of my physical therapy. some of you know i’ve been going to physical therapy for some crazy painful back pain. to back track a little, the back pain took me to my doctor and to make a long story short, ended up being a blessing in disguise because the tests that were taken to pinpoint the back issues revealed another medical issue that i was whisked away into outpatient surgery for a couple days before thanksgiving. a surgery that initially gave us all a scare but turned out A-ok. so as crazy as it sounds, my back pain has actually been my friend….as has been my doc, the best doc ever! no kidding the best!

so back to my physical therapy. i was a skeptic at first. it was only because i had NO clue that these therapists were experts who know how joints and muscles and tendons work together with every other system in your body to make a person either healthy or unheathly. i’m giving a BIG shout out to my therapist, steve! i honestly don’t understand how or why the exercises he has me work on at home, or the punching and pulling of my joints and muscles that he does during therapy helps take my back pain away, but it does. that’s enough for me! i’m not 100% yet but it’s pretty darn close! blows my mind! i’m 46 but i’m not ready to be old. i’ve got things to do, hiking trails to hike, bike trails to ride and i don’t have time for back pain to slow me down. so THANKS STEVE for your expertise!


10 responses to “new cmk design team. my little tree. physical therapy.

  1. Mr.Carrie is me

    The tree puked tinsel all over the kitchen floor. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

    my first comment was rejected by the moderator.

  2. thanks mr. carrie! *rolling my eyes!*

  3. I love your little tree! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!!!
    And PT’s are awesome aren’t they!!!!(;

  4. Mr. Carrie??? Is that you Ed??? Oh brother – deal with the tinsel – it’ll only be there for a short time!:)
    I think it’s cute! Did you find it at R.H.? Carrie?
    I know you’ll make the little Charlie Brown tree beautiful next Christmas!
    So glad the pt is working so well – and yes, the back pain was a blessing in disguise! All thank God for that and the doc’s wisdom!
    The CMK gang sounds like it’s growing- I’ll keep stalking the website and seeing all the beautiful work!
    Have a good night sis – love you!

  5. Carrie, finally you BLOG… I am so happy for you. I remember you mulling over this when I read the CMK forum. Will be checking this blog regularly. You are awesome!

  6. I definitely see the potential of that tree, Carrie! It’s going to be great. And congrats on all your good news. So happy that you’re getting some relief from your pain.

  7. Yay, Carrie is blogging! Why aren’t you submitting to CK…hmmmm? Happy for new CMK girls, pain relief and bargain trees that make you smile. 🙂

  8. I personally like the little tree – glittery is good!

  9. I love the little tree…in spite of what Mr. Carrie says! I have one just like it and just put colorful glass bulbs on it every year and it is beautiful!

    And I love your physical therapist for making you feel so much better!!

  10. Your dh’s comment made me LOL!

    I’m looking forward to working with you on the CMK DT, Carrie!!

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