a guessing game. a give away. niece news.

okay, so i really do love to give presents to people. in fact i just found THE cutest thing that i bought for a good friend. she’s gonna love it!

so i thought HEY! let’s celebrate this new blog thingy by having a great give away!! of course i’d love to box up fun stuff for everybody who comments on today’s post, but well…..let’s just say my funds wouldn’t allow such a plan.

so a guessing game is what we’ll do. here’s the scoop.
i have an ALL TIME favorite photo ever. anyone who knows me knows i have taken literally thousands of pictures since i was a little kid. but there is 1 photo i’ve taken that is my fav ever. 

the guessing game for you is this;
guess who the subject/subjects in the photo is/are.
guess how hold the subject/subjects in the photo is/are.
and guess which room in my house i have that fav photo displayed.

the person who guesses all 3 things correctly will win the give away. if there is a tie…..well i can swing 2 goodie boxes! and for those of you reading who aren’t scrapbookers, play along! i’ll shop with the specific winning person in mind…my FAV part of giving a goodie box! so guess away!!!!

let’s keep the guessing going until friday 1/9 at midnight est.  i’ll announce the winner early saturday morning 1/10. 🙂

in scrappy and family news….here’s a layout i did of my nieces candi and kris. love you 2 so much! always! 🙂 and BIG congratulations to them both on their new engagements! for you non family members, the first photo is candi and her fiance’ jared; the second photo is kris and her fiance’ jeff. i’m so happy for you 4! 




thanks for stopping by today! and happy guessing!


10 responses to “a guessing game. a give away. niece news.

  1. yay Im so glad you are blogging !!!!
    Ok I will be the first to play and guess:
    *Picture is of your dad holding your first baby
    *Baby Newborn
    *Im guessing in the living room

  2. audreypettit

    Great photos, Carrie! The girls look so happy.
    And about the guessing……..that is too hard for me.
    But I’ll say it’s your hubby with the candlestick in the dining room!

  3. I’m going to guess your dh with your boys. Ages: 30, 9 & 7. And that you have it where you scrapbook.
    Am I right?? 😉

  4. Renee' Morris-Dezember

    Hi Carrie!!! I hope you don’t mind that I hopped over from Andrea’s blog…
    I’m give it a try…my guess is its your its your boys when they were small in the kitchen 🙂 Glad to see you blogging!!!

  5. You are not making this easy!!!
    (but look who’s talking!!!)
    I am going to say Dan & Katelyn.
    Age 22.
    Your family room.

  6. hi Carrie….girl you are chattin’ it up on your blog and i’m lovin’ it! 😉

    my guess….

    it’s your son Dave when he was 3 yrs old and you have it displayed in your family room. 😀


  7. Carrie, this is really hard. I will have to say your two boys. 4 and 1. In the kitchen.

  8. The boys.
    6 & 4.
    Living room?

  9. Sorry, that should’ve read 6 & 3.
    Fast-flying fingers today. 😉

  10. I thought I responded to this but don’t see my post….I’m new at this stuff!

    Anyway, I say the picture is dan and dave, ages around 2 and 5, and it is in your family room.

    Am I right??

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