its time.

for the past 3 days i’ve said i’m going to take down the Christmas decorations. have i? nope. i’ve thought about it alot. i’ve even moved a few things around and the guys have brought up a couple boxes for me to get started. but yeh – they are still up.

so after the haircut today, after a quick trip to wally world for some food items (and a sidetrack through the holiday clearance section), and in between loads of glorious laundry, the Christmas decor will come down for another year. today. hopefully the spirit of Christmas stays around all year….but the decor needs to come down. 🙂





the EXCEPTION to my rule. this favorite little guy and all things snowman-like. i have alot of snowmen. since i live in a place where snow is around until at least the middle of march, the snowmen stay out all winter.


now off to tackle that to do list. oh and its sonic happy hour right now. first on my to do list.


9 responses to “its time.

  1. What ? Take down the Christmas decorations? I believe I will wait another week!! I leave my snowmen up until mid Feb usually since we have snow so long – but yes, the nativity sets,etc need to come down. But I hate to get that started! So, as for me, the time is not YET!
    Happy Sonic trip and tackling your to do list!

  2. catchinghappiness

    Hope you’re having a GREAT day Carrie. Your little snowman is adorable. Amy Tara

  3. We just took down our decorations yesterday, too. DD (4) was protesting. She wanted to keep up the tree until summer! LOL!

  4. I am so with you on getting the Christmas stuff down.
    Maybe this week or this weekend. I keep procrastinating!!! 🙂

  5. My tree is still up! I will get to it eventually. In Croatia we put the tree up on Christmas Eve and it stays up until today, Three Kings Day. That tradition stayed with me, I guess. I love that little snowman 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you are up to tomorrow.

  6. audreypettit

    My decorations came down yesterday and the tree got carted off today. Sort of sad to see it all go away. The house seems so bare. I’m keeping my snowmen up, too. 😉
    I don’t have too many, and a lot of them are definitely Christmasy……but the rest get to stay. Maybe we’ll get some real snow if I leave enough hints around.

  7. We undecorated all day Saturday the 3rd. It feel good to be back to normal! 🙂

    PS – No Wally World!!!!! There’s a Meijer right down the street!

  8. Look at all of these blog posts! I’m so impressed, girlie! I love keeping up with you. Wish I could keep up with you in the “taking down decorations” aspect… I’ll be lucky to have everything down by February! lol

  9. Woman, you are a bloggin’ machine!
    Love Target and your finds.
    Wish I had a Sonic near here! There is ONE gas station that provides the oh, so yummy ice. It’s nowhere near my house!
    I love Willow Tree! I have the nativity too!

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