Resolutions-No. Goals-Yes.

in reality resolutions and goals are probably the same thing. and in reality i know not everyone handles them the way i do. it’s not a right or wrong thing….it’s just how my head seems to wrap around the issue….for me.

i don’t do resolutions. i know myself too well and i know i won’t keep them. actually they kinda wig me out. getting older means getting wiser right? in my case the one thing i know i’ve gotten wiser about is knowing myself inside and out. i’m real with myself. i know what makes me tick. i know the way i tick isn’t necessarily how everyone else ticks. so i don’t expect everyone else to do what i do.

so yeah, resolutions wig me out. for some crazy reason i view resolutions as specific things i HAVE to do every single day; a list if you will, that i must live by every second, every minute and every hour of every day; and if i don’t follow that list there’s got to be something majorly faulty in me. i know…crazy. that’s the pressure i put on myself with resolutions.

goals don’t wig me out. for some reason i view a goal as a bigger picture type thought. for reasons i don’t really know, i don’t see them as a list or things i have to make myself do every second, minute and hour of every day. a goal is a “way of life” for me to strive to do because its positive for me. there are no steadfast “how to” rules in a goal. a goal is something i continually work on achieving…all the while knowing its not a pass or fail thing for me. again, i know…a little crazy that i wrap my head around it this way. but again, i keep it real with myself because i know what makes me tick and i protect myself against things that i know will wig me out.

so…..i have made a few big picture goals for myself. not just for 2009, but really for the rest of my life. they are lifestyle goals i guess you would say. things i know will make me balanced and healthy as i get older. things that will be positive in my life and not superficial or self centered.

my goals for 2009 and beyond…….
start everyday thanking God. for who He is, and for what He’s done in my life and continues to do.

strive to seek out knowing God more. continually learning and never growing stale in my faith.

be positive. even when it feels SO right to be negative. suck it up and be positive.

be content. even on those days when i could list 100 reasons to NOT be content. suck it up and be content.

find the good in people. even on those times when i could list 100 plus things that are bad in a person. suck it up and seriously find the good in people.

scrapbook the important things that i want my boys, their future wives and my future grandchildren to know about themselves and about me. don’t settle for thinking scrapbooking is about being noticed or being famous.

be organized. being organized helps keeps my life a little more stress free. less wiggin’ out.

eat healthy and exercise regularly. i’m not getting any younger. diseases are right around the corner waiting to pounce on me. take that seriously and make wise choices. i only have one body. i beat the crap out of it when i was younger. i made crappy choices that very easily could have killed me. thank God that crazy lifestyle of scales and magical numbers are in my distant past.

so i’ll strive to protect the body God blessed me with by good sleeping habits, regular exercise and foods like this……no diets or crazy rules of eating……just balanced and yummy with no rules



interesting that as i type this i see that my life goals are those very things that are challenging for me to do sometimes. interesting that things like loving my family unconditionally isn’t a part of my goals. i know why. it’s because that comes automatic for me. i don’t have to make that a goal because that comes natural and it’s not something i strive to do. i just do it. always. 24/7.

hmmmm….interesting that my blog is somewhat theraputic for me. alot like scrapbooking is for me. yep, very interesting.


3 responses to “Resolutions-No. Goals-Yes.

  1. Great list, Carrie!
    Good luck with your goals!!

  2. Isn’t it therapeutic? I found the same thing. Going back over G’s story, I actually find myself reading it over and over again, because I can see things more and more clearly every time I do. And it’s always a reminder, every time I read, that God brought us through. Very, very therapeutic…and very cool. 🙂

    Your list is admirable! I see a few things I should throw on a list of my own. But I figure I should start with the basics before I move on to the mountain-sized goals: Clean house, do laundry, et al., REGULARLY. Ugh… But I gotta start somewhere, right? 😉

  3. Hey sis – I like this blog!!! I too am not a New years resolution girl – knowing I would only break those resolutions! And I’ve never been one to put down in writing my goals – I don’t know what those are when asked……. but I know I have goals and dreams- just need to take the time and think about who I am and what I want to do with my abilities and talents and opportunities God gives me – daily!
    I love your list – there are things there that should be on every woman’s list
    hats off to you Carrie for a wonderful 2009!
    I love you! – Cindy

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