my obsession continues and other fun stuff

happy monday!

yep i’m still obsessed with sonic. route 44 diet dr. pepper with extra ice. it’s all about the ice. and the terribly nice people who work there. they know i come every day of the week. sometimes they have it ready for me. whooo-hoooo for happy hour 1/2 price. and its 1.3 miles from my doorstep. yeah me! OH! and I even have a layout about my obsession to Sonic being published in an upcoming issue of Scrapbook Trends!




and ya gotta love target! see this little target logo? its on the front of a big canvas bag that i found at target. i think its officially supposed to be a re-useable grocery bag but i’ll be using it for books, magazines or whatever i feel the need to carry with me. and it was $4.99.


and last but not least are these special finds i got while at targe’. the plate is well…..ADORABLE and in my favorite color! i will display it on an easel somewhere in my house. not on sale, but not expensive either. OH! and the little snowmen? they are salt and pepper shakers i got on the christmas clearance rack. $2.00 for the set. i won’t be putting salt or pepper in them but i will be displaying them in my kitchen for pure cuteness to look at all winter.


hope you all are having a good week.  i have a busy week and a FUN weekend planned. more on that later this week. stop by and say hey! 🙂


11 responses to “my obsession continues and other fun stuff

  1. I have to have that plate!!! Love it! Man, I would run to Target right now if we didn’t just get a bunch of snow and it’s rush hour. Um,

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm – you ARE Super Sonic Woman if I do say so , hee hee! I love the blog entry ! And the plate and little snowmen are so cute! I got those snowmen too – I have a plan to give their little joyous faces away!!
    Enjoy your harmless obsessions!!
    Keep the blog coming – so cool!!
    Love – Me

  3. It’s true, she is obsessed!

  4. You are funny. For some reason I only go to Sonic in the summer. My favorite Cherry Limeade!
    I saw that plate at Target when I was visiting. They really have some cute stuff this time around. Oh, and I got the red Target bag, the cheap one, but I love the trees on the front!

  5. Two of my favorite places! Only I need a fresh lime slush, please!

  6. I love your finds! So cute!
    Would you believe I’ve never been to a Sonic? We don’t have one here! But Target is one of my favorite places, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see your pubbed layout! Wohooooo!

  7. danielleholsapple

    How cute are those snowmen! And I love the plate! I think I need to try Sonic – I hear so many good things about their drinks!!!

  8. daniellecalhoun

    too cute! can’t wait to see that sonic layout!! can you imagine, I have never been to one? we don’t have those around here…, In-N-Out, oh yeah!

  9. Mmmmm, love the cherry limeades…I think Sonic should give you some free stuff for being pubbed! HA! That would be cool…
    And I love the salt and pepper shakers…soo stinkin’ cute!!!

  10. Did I tell you we got a Sonic here last summer? It was CRAZY…2-4 hour waits!!! But it’s a little better now. I’m all about the Orange Creamsicle slushes and the mozz sticks. But you knew that, i think. 🙂

    Love the plate; it’s very you. Happy Tuesday!

  11. Oooooh! I can picture the exact Sonic that you go to! 🙂

    And Beth and I were admiring those plates at Target the other day. And I can picture the exact Target that you go to, too!

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