196 More Days…

… until dan and katelyn’s wedding!! at times i sit and can’t believe my firstborn is really old enough to get married. i’ve heard mothers say this before and i never really related until now……”wasn’t it JUST yesterday that i was bringing him home from the hospital”? i relate to those words now. it truly does seem like yesterday. the beautiful thing is, the nostaglia i feel does in no way take away from my pure joy at where he is in his life now. he loves this sweet amazing girl. with all his heart. and so do we. ed and i couldn’t have handpicked a more perfect wife for dan. i can with all conviction say that i’m as happy for him now as i was on that night i brought him home from parkview hospital in july of 1986.


we spent some time here today and katelyn was able to check off things on her to do list. they chose gorgeous and elegant announcements, chose the tuxes, and found the perfect color blue for the groomsmen/ushers ties! score!


here’s to you dan and katelyn! i love you 2!




13 responses to “196 More Days…

  1. Cute couple! Gorgeous layouts!


  2. Gorgeous photos and projects, Carrie!

  3. Love your new blog! Beautiful creations too!

  4. Dudeee…. What’s up with the 12×12? LOL

    PS – Congrats Dan and Katelyn! So cute together.

  5. oh carrie, they are such a beautiful couple, and your projects highlight their beautiful love! you are amazing my friend and oh so blessed for sure!

    hugs & so much love!

  6. that frame is so cute! congrats on the happy couple! also, that layout is precious too. I love the stitching! I just got into that with layouts 🙂

  7. Beautiful lo of the engaged couple!

  8. hey, carrie!! Your future daughter in law is lucky to have you! What beautiful words and I love your creations!!

  9. Those are beautiful projects. How cute are you too. Usually it’s the bride doing the wedding countdown. I think it’s totally cute that the mother of the groom is the one doing it this time.

  10. Such beautiful creations Carrie!
    I am soooo glad you are blogging now!!!
    How are you feeling these days? you never followed up to say how everything went. I assume you are well!
    You will be a great MIL!

  11. Love these creations!!!
    Love your work!!!
    Love that you finally have a blog!!!

  12. This is such a wonderful milestone for you & your family , Carrie !

    Beautiful creations too carrying those precious heartfelt thoughts !

  13. seriously, carrie, you just sound like an awesome, awesome mom. they are lucky to have you.

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